Proportions matter regardless of your kitchen’s size

When you’re designing a big kitchen, you may have a tendency to match the proportions of your cabinets and kitchen island to match the size of your kitchen. However, this could lead to you feeling like a dwarf in your own kitchen. A kitchen should be both visually appealing, but it should also be functional. Proportion is one of the main principles of interior design.

Proportionate and functional kitchen design
Playing with proportion can make your kitchen visually interesting.

Customize cabinets to human scale

Customizing oversized cabinets for your grand kitchen remodel may be tempting, but you have to keep functional space in mind. Rather than building giant cabinets that fill the space of the kitchen, you want to design your cabinets to be proportionate to the people who are going to use the kitchen. Functional scale means that your cabinets are designed to be useful to the people that will be using the kitchen. When it comes to the right proportions in your kitchen, make sure that they are customized to human scale so that people can use them.
A large floor to ceiling cabinets may look grand, but the top of the cabinet is just wasted space because no human is going to be able to reach the top shelf.

Distributing lighting accordingly

Once you’ve gotten your counters, cabinets, and islands in the right proportion to make your kitchen functional, it’s time to think about fun, creative, and aesthetically exciting elements that will help fill the space of your large kitchen.
The right lighting can help fill the space between the ceiling and the top of your cabinets, but you also have to consider lighting that hangs a bit lower so that you can see when using your counters and cooking in the kitchen.
Think of a grand chandelier or ceiling lamp. By itself, it would look silly, but once the whole kitchen comes together, each element will be proportionate to the next, mixing style, function, thus giving a special character.

Stunning kitchen design in Colorado
As long as it’s proportional, an architecturally interesting island will add drama to your kitchen. design.

Architectural elements

You can also add a few creative and bold design elements that may not serve any other function than to create something visually interesting.
When you design a large kitchen, you have the luxury of adding more creative elements to give it personality, but just be careful that you don’t overdesign your kitchen so that the functional aspect is lost.

Design a functional and creative kitchen

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