Taking on a kitchen remodel is a big job. There’s so much more to a kitchen than just the appliances and a few countertops. The kitchen is a multi-purpose room, so you need to think about all the functions that should be included in your new kitchen design. Then there are all the styles and materials to consider. As we said, it’s a big job. Fortunately, there’s one place you can go to get all of your questions answered, as well as gain inspiration for a kitchen remodel –The Kitchen Showcase in Denver.

Visiting a kitchen showroom

Kitchen showroomThe benefits of visiting a kitchen showroom are numerous. What you see in magazines and Pinterest may not be what it looks like in real life. Plus, it’s hard to get a real sense of a product or material when you are staring at a screen. The layout of the kitchen has also evolved from the classic kitchen work triangle to a fully customized kitchen to meet all of your personal needs.

Kitchen layouts

When you design your kitchen, you need to think beyond the classic kitchen work triangle where there are three stations to consider – the fridge, the stove, and the sink. That was fine back in the day when the kitchen was for cooking only, but these days the kitchen is used for so many other things. Being the heart of the home will naturally draw people in, so you need to design a kitchen that is inviting, warm, and designed with purpose.
Visiting a showroom allows you to physically see all the different kitchen layouts that include many zones and stations to allow for multiple activities. See how you can design your kitchen to fit your lifestyle, as well as include smart functions and storage to make the kitchen feel open, relaxed, and functional. The right layout will ensure proper flow and energy in the kitchen, making it more comfortable.


There are many materials that will look almost identical in photos. Visiting a kitchen showroom allows you to see, feel and understand the difference in all materials like natural stone, quartz, and marble countertops. Check out the various styles of cabinets and storage spaces so that you can narrow down your own personal style. See how two products work together before you buy, making sure that every detail is precisely what you want.Kitchen Showroom Denver


There are big functional decisions you have to make when you remodel a kitchen, but it’s the details that make a kitchen feel personal. Visiting a kitchen showroom gives you a chance to check out all the design details that can make a kitchen pop. Check out all the latest hardware for your cabinets, as well as lighting options to add ambiance and energy to your kitchen design.
The Kitchen Showcase is located in Centennial, Colorado and features over 40+ complete rooms to give you inspiration for your kitchen remodel.