Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors That Will Give Your Kitchen a Whole New Look

New year, new look! That shouldn’t only apply to your wardrobe or hair. You can take that concept and transform many other things in your life, including your kitchen because dated kitchens are boring. If your kitchen has looked the same for years now, it might be time for an update, but that doesn’t always require a whole kitchen makeover. Sometimes, just updating your cabinets can give your kitchen new life.
Here are some of the trendy kitchen cabinet paint colors for 2019:

Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors That Will Give Your Kitchen a Whole New LookEmerald

If you’re looking to make a statement with your kitchen colors, this is the right one for you. Emerald is a bold, beautiful color that will cover your cabinets in miles of style. Gold hardware and marble countertops would make the best companions for this great color.


For a sharp and chic look, gray-green colors are a must. Pair that with white quartz countertops, and you have yourself a beautiful combination that will look classic and timeless.

Navy Blue

Think of white countertops and silver or gold hardware. This vibrant color will make your cabinets pop when paired with those items. It’s a great way to make your kitchen look modern and clean, yet cozy.
Sprucing up a dated kitchen doesn’t always require a full-blown kitchen renovation. Updating your kitchen cabinets is a more simple way to make big changes to your kitchen, without having to spend so many resources. Paired with the right hardware and countertops, you can take your kitchen from ‘blah’ to ‘wow’. If you want to wow yourself and your guests with a kitchen that is completely unique to you, The Kitchen Showcase can help. Contact us today for more information. Let’s start working on your dream kitchen together!