A light, white kitchen is an eternal classic. By adding a few soft, neutral colors to break up the clean white cabinets, you soften the palette and make the kitchen warmer. White colors make a kitchen feel clean, thereby inviting guests to want to cook and eat, whereas warmer tones prevent the kitchen from feeling too clinical and cold. One of our kitchen remodel projects takes classic design elements and mixes them with a few modern touches.

Customizing cabinetry

Complete kitchen remodel

When we take on a remodeling project, we work with each client from the concept to the final installation of all products. The first step is to assess the space, and then we talk to the client to get an idea of their dream kitchen. Then the fun begins, choosing the perfect style of the cabinets, the countertops, the sink, the hardware, the lighting, and of course, all the fun aesthetic elements that will make this kitchen feel like home. For this recent kitchen remodel project, we chose to use a creative tile backsplash to add a little country charm to a contemporary kitchen.

Custom cabinets

The cabinets are going to be the biggest portion of designing a kitchen. They are the most visible, will take up the most space, and serve the biggest functional purpose. You want the cabinets to match your style and perfectly fit with the right dimensions, as well as be functional in storing all of your kitchenware. Custom designing your cabinets will give you the best results, utilizing all the space and creating the perfect storage unit or display cases to fit your kitchen.

Custom cabinets
Personalize your new home with custom cabinets.

Customize your kitchen cabinets to meet every function and style requirement. Raised panel cabinet doors

For this charming kitchen remodel, we used a raised panel cabinet door style. Instead of completely white cabinets, the cabinets feature a fine dark trim to give the cabinets a more rustic design aesthetic. Adding to the rustic theme, the cabinets are complemented with antique bronze hardware and knobs, which is both rustic and modern.

Quartz countertops

We’re big fans of quartz countertops. They’re durable, stain- and heat-resistant, and offer many more style and color choices than granite or marble. The only difference is that quartz is engineered, whereas granite and marble are made from solid stone. However, quartz can still give your kitchen an organic feel, adding to the theme of a contemporary country kitchen.

Tile backsplashes

We always focus on the cabinets and countertops when we’re designing a kitchen. However, when it comes to tying the whole kitchen design together, you have to think about the big picture, from floor to ceiling. Instead of white walls behind the cabinets and above the counters, we went with a more artistic and chic design choice and added a tiled backsplash. A tiled backsplash adds another textural element, making the design more exciting. By incorporating the colors and the tones from the quartz and the cabinets, we make the kitchen design feel cohesive and complete.

Remodeling your kitchen
Add a pop of color to your rustic kitchen.

Recessed ceiling lights and a pop of color

Mixing and matching design styles can make for a more personalized kitchen design, so don’t be afraid to add modern touches to a rustic kitchen. For this remodel, we used recessed ceiling lights, instead of hanging fixtures. We painted one wall a vibrant deep blue to add a pop of color to an otherwise white and neutral kitchen.

The Kitchen Showcase in Denver

When you work with The Kitchen Showcase on our complete kitchen remodel project, you get the best selection of kitchen products for any budget and any style. We will also pair you with a designer who can help you bring your vision to life.

Every home deserves a great kitchen, and TKS is the best place to make all of your kitchen dreams come true.