There’s nothing we love more than looking for hot new design trends. Designing a kitchen is never simple, as a kitchen needs to meet several criteria. The design criteria for the perfect kitchen is entirely up to the person we are designing for, as personal style plays a huge role. When you are looking to add a little touch of personality, take a look at these subtle design tricks to make your kitchen pop.

Subtle kitchen design trends
Choose a darker color to go with a lighter cabinet door to frame the cabinet.

Modern kitchen design tricks

It’s the little subtle design details that can make a kitchen go from so-so to simply stunning. Although these tricks may seem modern, when incorporated correctly, they can work with any style. A few modern features is a great way to elevate a classic kitchen design. Over the past few years, we’ve seen designers add a bright pop of contrasting color to custom cabinets and countertops to make the kitchen exciting and interesting. However, instead of adding contrast via accessories and decorations in your kitchen, you can customize your cabinets to incorporate a subtle contrasting color to make the cabinets pop.

Contrasting colors

When you customize your cabinetry, you ensure that they are both functional and befitting to your personal style. However, instead of making all cabinets one uniform color or texture, add a little contrast. Make the casing or the frame of the cabinets a solid contrasting color to that of the doors and drawers. A dark color that is contrasting to the rest of the cabinets will create a graphic effect like you’ve outlined your cabinets to highlight their beauty.

Contrasting textures

Kitchen cabinets design trends
Danver Classic Key West Cabinet Door Frame with contrasting colors.

Instead of choosing a color to outline your cabinets, find a material with a texture that is in contrast to your cabinet doors and drawers. You can also use your countertops to add contrast. For the best effect, we recommend using a darker color for the outline or the background and having the biggest area of the cabinets be lighter, as opposed to featuring a darker color with a light outline. The consequence of having the darker color as the dominant color could be an effect that is too aggressive.

Kitchen design help

When you remodel your kitchen with The Kitchen Showcase in Denver, you not only get access to the best products available, but you’ll get complimentary design help from professional designers. You can look through our designer profiles to request a designer. You can also stop by our kitchen showcase and talk to us about your project. Once we understand your vision, we can help pair you with the right designer.
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