Best Lighting in the Kitchen for Function and Fashion

The kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s the place where you spend a large portion of your time, whether you’re enjoying breakfast before work or relaxing with your family over a delicious dinner. Since you will likely spend a large portion of your days in the kitchen, it’s important that you have an ideal range of lighting in there. 

What are the Best Lighting Options for Your Kitchen?

Hardware on your kitchen cabinets – the draw and door pulls – are functional, but they also serve a decorative purpose, as well.

While in your kitchen, you will need to be able to see your ingredients while cooking, but you don’t want the lighting to be harsh throughout the room either. Therefore, the perfect lighting for your kitchen will have a fine balance between being bright enough to see what you’re cooking, while also offering a calming ambiance. 

You must consider both the style and the functionality of each type of lighting fixture when deciding on the best lighting in the kitchen. It needs to fit well with the rest of your home, but it should also be practical for your kitchen area. 

Types of Lighting for Your Kitchen

If you’re unsure which type of fixture will give you the best kitchen lighting, speak to the experts to get some professional advice. Here are some popular types of lighting that are functional and fabulous for your kitchen: 

  • Task lighting, such as table lamps or plug-in overhead lamps, is great for performing specific tasks, like cooking. 
  • Decorative lighting, such as chandeliers and dainty fixtures, adds to the style and aesthetic of your home. 
  • Recessed lighting is found commonly in kitchen ceilings and provides illumination of concentrated areas of the room. 
  • Under-cabinet lighting is perfect for providing low-level light over your kitchen countertop. 

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