Planning a Kitchen Is One Step. Installing It the Right Way Is Another Big One!

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When it comes to kitchen remodeling, a lot of people put the majority of their focus on the style of their cabinets, countertops, and other elements. While the style is certainly important for achieving the best kitchen design in Denver, it is not the only thing that matters. This is because the second half of the kitchen remodeling process involves installing all of the features that were carefully designed.

If not done properly, this can render these expertly designed kitchen elements essentially useless or at least significantly less enjoyable. That is why you need to ensure that you are getting your kitchen installed the right way by following these helpful tips.

Install In the Right Order

Generally speaking, there is a certain order that kitchen remodeling should be done. This tends to involve the replacement of things like plumbing and electrical work, followed by repainting everything that needs to be repainted. You can then move onto the installation of the flooring, cabinets, countertops, backsplash, and appliances – in that order. This will help ensure that there is no backtracking because you realize that you made a mistake that requires the disassembly or adjusting of features that have already been installed.

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Installing the cabinets after the floors will allow you to change them in the future.

Get Professionals to Handle the Installation

A lot of people like to try and handle the kitchen installation themselves because they want to be able to save a few bucks and not go through the process of hiring a team of professionals. However, when someone tries to conduct the installation by themselves, they risk not doing everything correctly.

This means that they might have to end up getting things replaced or repaired after only a few months. So unless someone has a lot of experience dealing with kitchen remodeling, then they should rely on professional services in order to complete the installation process.

Whether you need help completing the design or installation processes of your kitchen remodeling project, make sure to contact us at The Kitchen Showcase. And in the meantime, check out our gallery of past projects to get inspired and see examples of our expert installation services.

At The Kitchen Showcase You Become Part of Our Team

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At The Kitchen Showcase everything we do, we do it putting your best interest and needs first, always looking to exceed your expectations and delivering outstanding results on your remodeling projects.


In order to make this possible, we have hired the best designers in the kitchen and bathroom industry. They are committed to give their 110% in every single remodeling project they work. This is what makes us the best kitchen and bath remodeling company in the country.

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Your satisfaction is guaranteed with us

For us, every single customer and every single project is unique, that’s why we provide personalized attention. From the moment you contact us until the moment we complete your project, our designers and you will become a team, making decisions together and going through our nearly 40 room displays, choosing the best materials for your needs. Also, once you choose the materials for your new kitchen and bathroom, our full-time service representatives will keep you up-to-speed and answer all of your questions and concerns during the delivery and installation process.

We Have The Best Materials And Designers In Colorado

Honesty is one of our main values, and you can always expect our designers to be 100% honest with you at all times, setting clear expectations and trying to avoid any unexpected inconvenience along the way.
We’ve helped thousands of customers navigate each step of the remodeling process. From planning and design, to accurate ordering and careful delivery and installation. Our professional staff will take care of you from the start to the end, and help you create a beautiful home for your budget.

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We invite you to stop by our new beautiful Kitchen and Bathroom Design showroom, located in Centennial, Colorado.
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Why People Choose Us For Delivery & Installation Services?

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At The Kitchen Showcase your complete satisfaction is our main goal. Delivering the materials on time, installing the products in the most effective and professional way and providing the best service in the market, helps us comply with our goal. Today we would like to give you some of the reasons why our customers choose us for the delivery and installation services of their new custom kitchen and bathroom.
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We’ll Keep Communication With You At All TimesWe control the deliveries

We understand that you have enough things to think about during your day, and that the last thing you need is to worry about the delivery process. We will call you as soon as your materials arrive at our warehouse; and we will be in constant communication so you can be informed of every phase of the process.

You Choose The Schedule

Coordination is very important for us and we know your time is very valuable, that is why we will adapt to your timeline. We control the schedule of our trucks, service department and installation crews, so our staff will coordinate the time that works best for you.

We Treat Our Products the Same Way We Treat You

During the delivery and installation process we treat your products with the utmost care, ensuring that every single piece stays in perfect condition.

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We use only the best companies with highly qualified professional staff for the installation process of your custom bath and kitchen. The companies we select for the job, have to undergo a rigorous screening and selection process. They must complete our training, and they must coordinate with us to schedule the installation.

Full-Time Service Department

We have a full-time service department available in case any unexpected situation arises. It will make sure to promptly address your cabinetry or countertop needs. In case that any adjustment needs to be done to cabinet measurements, our team has the ability to cut down and modify them. Also, this department is in charge of inspecting every installation to ensure you’re completely satisfied.

We Offer A One Year Service Warranty

In case you need assistance for any of our products, we offer a one-year service warranty, coupled with many excellent manufacturer’s product warranties. We will go to your house and make sure everything goes back to normal at no charge.

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We Are The Best Kitchen & Bath Company In Denver

Traditional Kitchen seven Our team has more than 300 years of combined experience, and we would like to share it with you to make your remodeling project a big success story. That is why making the right decision can make the difference between a job well done, and an outstanding job. We invite you to stop by our new and beautiful Kitchen and Bathroom Design Showroom, located in Centennial, Colorado. We are open Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Evenings and Saturdays by appointment. Also you can send us your questions through our website and we will answer.