Design Considerations for Adding a Wet Bar

newly remodeled contemporary home bar

Make Hosting More Convenient With Your Custom Wet Bar

A wet bar gives you more opportunity to host in your Denver home in rooms other than the kitchen. With your guests, you can catch up in your rec room or another common area, when you add your own wet bar. That way, there’s no need to make constant trips back and forth from the kitchen. By designing a wet bar for your home, you’ll have something to show off and make hosting more convenient and enjoyable for visits.

What You Will Need for Designing a Wet Bar

Since your wet bar will be for your comfort, enjoyment, and hosting opportunities, you’ll want it to look good, fit well with the flow of your Denver home, and be functional.

These are the elements you need to consider:

  • Having enough counter and seating space
  • Appliances, like a fridge, and others for convenient hosting
  • A sink
  • Plumbing for the sink
  • Electricity for appliances and outlets for smaller appliances like a coffee maker, electric kettle, blender, and more
  • Cabinetry for storing wet bar items
Basement Wet Bar Countertops
Designing a wet bar to suit your home aesthetic will make you enjoy hosting.

Designing a Wet Bar to Complement Your Home

You will want your wet bar to suit the style of the rest of your home. You can make it bold with dark shades to feel more like a real bar. Or, you can take a modern, fresh approach with light colors and sleek finishing.

These are the details that you can customize to make your wet bar flow with the rest of your home’s aesthetic:

  • Appliance coloring (black, silver, white, etc.)
  • Visually appealing cabinetry with finishing touches like handles or shelf knobs
  • Stool styles
  • Countertop design
  • Lighting installations

To get started designing your customized wet bar, develop a plan with design experts at The Kitchen Showcase. They will help you create a wet bar perfect for your home. Get a free quote on our services today.

How to Plan Your Dream Walk-In Closet

Give Yourself the Closet You’ve Always Wanted

Have you always had a hard time fitting your beautiful clothes, shoes, coats, accessories, and more in your cramped closet? Not having the space to explore your clothing options for special events, workday, or even just an errand run can be frustrating. Having everything on one small rack with no room to space out your different items can also damage their quality.

That’s why you should invest in that dream walk-in closet design for your Denver home. You deserve to feel good as you decide what to wear each day. Having space will add a sense of luxury and functionality to your day to day life.

walk-in closet
Create your own specialized walk-in closet design with The Kitchen Showcase.

Elements to Consider for a Walk-In Closet Design

When shaping your walk-in closet design, you’ll want to think of features that will add convenience and character to your personal space. This will be your own serene escape, so you want it to have design elements that suit your taste and will make you comfortable when choosing or changing your outfits.

These elements will be worth including in your dream walk-in closet design:

Creating a Focal Point and Good Flow When Planning a Walk-In Closet

Remember that the main purpose of your walk-in closet design is not just to look good, but to be functional for you in your day-to-day life. You will be using this space frequently, so you’ll want its spacing and layout to make sense.

When planning your walk-in closet, create a focal point that will be visually appealing in the center of your closet area. Consider having your seating area in the middle of your closet so you can sit and look around for your dressing options. You can also choose to install a vanity for getting ready so everything can be done in your dream walk-in closet design. A jewelry rack with sparkly necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets on display will bring a smile to your face as you see it first whenever stepping inside.

Leave space around your walk-in closet focal point for easy navigation. That way, you can walk around while pulling items off the rack as if in your own private boutique.

With our design experts’ help at The Kitchen Showcase, you can achieve your dream walk-in closet design. We will guide you through the planning and implementation process for a successful remodel of your Denver home closet. Get started on your closet design by getting a free quote now.