The Kitchen Showcase Countertop Series: Glass Countertops

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Our countertop blog series continues! On our last blog we spoke about our Metal Countertops, today it’s the turn for our Glass countertops.

Glass Countertops

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If you want something sophisticated for your kitchen or bathroom in Colorado, our glass countertops are the answer you are looking for. With a high end and elegant look, our glass countertops are the best way to spice up your kitchen and bath. One of the great things about glass countertops is that it can be customized to your taste in textures, colors and finishes. For example, if you want your kitchen and bath to look dynamic and multi-dimensional, you can consider mounting translucent glass over copper, stainless steel, or a colored cabinet top. Another great idea is to explore backlighting a glass surface with LED lighting. If you like glass for your countertops, our professional designers are ready to work with you to provide magnificent ideas of what you can achieve with glass.
It is very important for you to know that when glass exceeds a thickness of 3/4”, it becomes extremely strong. Also, when it reaches 1.5” or more, it’s as strong as any stone. So glass is a very resistant material that can take hard hits. Glass has also many advantages, for example: it is non-porous, hygienic and maintenance free. It’s also heat resistant and stain free, making it a good surface for your kitchen in Denver. Glass countertops are fully recyclable.
Glass countertops

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