The Modern-Day Kitchen Island: the Centerpiece of the Kitchen

You’ve found the perfect home or condo in Denver or the surrounding area, and your realtor tells you that it has an open kitchen with a kitchen island, what do you think? Do you picture an extra countertop in the kitchen, or something more? The modern-day kitchen island has evolved into something much more than just an extra countertop in the kitchen to provide additional space for food preparation or entertaining. Here’s why these modern-day kitchen islands are so popular and what this means for your custom kitchens Colorado.

Kitchen islands have been a staple in kitchens for years. Originally they were used as a place to do quick food prep, but they have evolved into being much more than that. Today, kitchen islands are often the centerpiece of a kitchen and can be used as a quick spot to put your coffee while you’re getting ready in the morning or as an evening buffet for dinner parties.

The Three Types of Islands

Kitchen islands have been a staple in kitchens for years.

There are three main types of islands:

  1. A traditional, large kitchen island that takes up space in the middle of your kitchen. This island often has ample counter space and storage underneath. 
  2. A long, narrow island with one or two stools next to it for quick breakfasts or lazy lunches at home. It’s perfect if you have limited space in your kitchen but want some additional workspace. 
  3. A shorter than most kitchen islands, but features a stovetop on one side with seating on the other. It’s perfect for small kitchens where you need an extra surface but don’t want to take up too much precious room.

Designing a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island can be the centerpiece of any kitchen, whether it is a traditional or modern one. It creates a focal point for many activities and can be used as a surface to prepare food or serve food. No matter what size or shape your kitchen island is, there are always ways to make it your own and use it in an inventive way.

Kitchen islands are a growing trend for modern kitchens. Whether you’re looking for an island that will work in your traditional kitchen or you want something more contemporary, there is sure to be one out there to fit your needs. If you’re someone who loves spending time in the kitchen, then it’s important to invest in quality appliances and utensils. And make sure you have enough storage room under your island. You may also want to consider adding a dishwasher and extra cabinets.

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Design Considerations for a Kitchen Island

As you work on a kitchen remodel in your Denver house or you want to improve your kitchen design, you will need to spend some time on your kitchen island. There are several factors to consider with these features that will affect your kitchen island’s look, size, and functionality. 

Size Requirements

As you work on your kitchen design, you must determine how large of a kitchen island you desire. The different sizes of this feature will affect its functions. For example, is your plan for a kitchen island to simply increase your counter space? Do you want to add a sink, storage, or extra seating to it? 

A kitchen island is a terrific way to increase the
seating in this room.

Design Aesthetics 

You don’t have to settle for a boring and bland kitchen island. This area of your kitchen can become a statement piece. For example, you may consider custom cabinets on your island with exquisite details. You may enhance this feature with various accent pieces. You can also make your kitchen island stand out by painting the base a different color than the rest of the cabinets in your Denver kitchen. 

Be creative and have fun as you design your kitchen island. For example, add an additional area on your kitchen island that could be used as a small table. As you determine the different designs you want to implement on this kitchen feature, make sure to create this feature so it is functional, trendy, and matches your current kitchen design

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