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Dream Kitchen Design Tips

A kitchen should feel open and bright without feeling clinical. When you plan a remodel of your kitchen, try these design tips to help you bring in a lot of light, and make your kitchen feel fresh and sunny.

Designing your dream kitchen in Colorado
A splash of contrasting dark color in a bright white kitchen can make it feel dynamic and vibrant.

A white kitchen will never go out of style

White is still the most common color scheme for a kitchen, but you want to make sure that everything isn’t a stark white, making your kitchen feel like a hospital room. You want your kitchen to feel clean, not sterile. Bright, not stark. Dazzling, not blinding.
If you are going with crisp white walls and cabinetry, break it up with another splash of bright color, like a red or a yellow. You can also pick a countertop that is dark chocolate or black to break up the white.

Traditional Kitchen remodel in Denver - The Kitchen Showcase
White cabinetry for a kitchen is timeless and classic.
Traditional kitchen remodel by Mike Hall

Simplify your color scheme to make your kitchen seem bigger and brighter

Be sure not to mix too many colors, as a busy kitchen will feel cramped and cluttered. Mixing in a few deep dark colors in a few strategic places will make your kitchen feel sleek, modern, and dynamic.
If you are working with darker surfaces in your kitchen, think about texture. Pick materials and texture that will reflect the sunlight. It’s like using mirrors to create the illusion of more space. Sunlight reflecting off of a few surfaces can magnify and maximize the natural sunlight, making your kitchen feel more vibrant, as opposed to muted textures that will swallow the light.
If you have a small area to begin with, think about having open shelves instead of closed cabinets. Shelves will leave the back wall exposed, creating more space, as opposed to cabinets with doors that can take up a lot of precious space in your kitchen.

Traditional kitchen design in Denver
Break up the white walls and countertops with a darker color for your kitchen island and cabinetry.

Denver kitchen design professionals

For more dream kitchen design tips, talk to our design professionals. We’ll help you find the best cabinetry and the best countertops for your space and your budget.