When it comes to renovating your home, it isn’t necessary to stay on top of all the new trends. But when the trends are dynamic and bold, it is sometimes worth hopping on board. If you are renovating your kitchen, two of the hottest new kitchen countertop trends to look at are texture and finish. While smooth stone may have once been a dream of the past, more people are looking for countertops with a unique texture that adds yet another layer to your overall kitchen’s interior design. 

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New Trend to Consider for Kitchen Countertops

When it comes to countertop texture, a leather finish will add an appealing feel to the surface making it more pleasant to touch. There will be small smooth bumps that can be covered in a cool matte finish. If you are currently hoping to have stone countertops installed like granite or slate, having a leather finish will update your kitchen and give it a modern and contemporary feel. 

The best way to assess your kitchen’s needs is to look at the other elements in your home to figure out what design elements will pair well with them. If you work with an interior designer and a kitchen specialist, they can lead you in the right direction.

Kitchen Island Closeup
Countertop finishes add a dynamic layer to overall design.

Honed Finish for Kitchen Countertops 

Another excellent countertop finishing choice is a honed finish. This finish will ensure that the countertops have a smooth and even texture; however, they will be a bit softer to the touch. It is also going to offer a more matte finish, making it an ideal choice for marble countertops. 

As many marble countertops can often feel the same, you can make your home stand out by indulging in this trend. 

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