Our countertop blog series continues, on our last blog we spoke about our Solid Surface Countertops, so today we’ll talk about our Quartz Countertops.

Quartz Countertops

One of the biggest advantages of choosing quartz countertops is that it requires very little maintenance and provides a natural and beautiful look to your kitchen and bathroom in Colorado. Quartz Countertops also tend to be stain and scratch resistant, however, be careful of placing hot pans on them since some quartz countertops contain a small percentage of resin.

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DuPont Zodiac

With a smooth, nonporous surface, DuPont Zodiac countertops are made with pure quartz crystals, are very durable and it is scratch and heat resistant. DuPont Zodiac countertops will also retain its luster for many years without sealants or waxes

Silestone By Cosentino

The Silestone countertops are maintenance free and great for kitchen, bathrooms, wet bars, fireplace surrounds and other uses. These countertops are manufactured with natural quartz and are stain, scratch and heat resistant. You can find them in 60 different colors.


Ideal for kitchen countertops in Centennial, the Caesarstone countertops are almost maintenance free and have a nonporous surface that is stain, scratch and heat resistance.

Ice-stone / Vetrazzo

Made of 100% recyclable material, the Ice-stone / Vetrazzo countertops are durable and Environmentally friendly.

Radianz By Samsung

Radianz countertops are almost maintenance free and durable without the needing of sealing or polish. This countertops are also stain, scratch and heat resistant.


With low maintenance and no sealing required, the Hanstone countertops are GREENGUARD certified and are made with Natural quartz with high-quality polymer resin. This countertops are very durable.

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