If you feel it’s time to renew your old, battered and dingy bathroom cabinets in your Denver home, keep these aspects in mind for a careful planning and to make sure that your time and money investments are worth it.

Use & Size

Cabinets are subject to more wear and tear, especially in the family used bathrooms. This means that generally speaking, guest bathrooms are used on a more occasional basis so the fixtures there may last longer. Do a thorough inspection of all the bath cabinets in your home and decide which ones are in need of a renovation.
Size is another important factor. Analyze how much cabinet space you need and how much of the room can be used for them. You can get complimentary advice from our professional bath designers at our showroom, and they can also help you design the new bathroom of your dreams!
Modern Master Bathroom

Style & Functionality

You need to choose a style that you’ll love since you use your bathroom multiple times every day and you don’t want to hate it every time you go in. Nowadays there are many styles available, ranging from traditional to modern and contemporary. And remember that functionality goes hand in hand with style, so choose the options that allow a smarter use of the space available while making your bathroom beautiful at the same time.


Make sure you choose only quality cabinets, such as those made of solid wood or other reliable materials. This super important because you don’t want to have to repeat the remodeling due to low-quality cabinets that didn’t last. Also, consider the thickness of the cabinets, how sturdy the mounting hardware is and whether or not you can get a custom fit.


Once the vision for your new bathroom begins to take shape, you need to be clear exactly how much you can allow yourself to spend and work within the budget that you have. And we are the bathroom renovation experts in Denver to help you with that!

modern bathroom cabinets
Masterbrand FLoating bathroom Cabinet, ©Karen Melvin Photography

It’s our job to help you narrow down your options and figure out how to make your dreams a reality within your budget, and you can be sure we put absolutely no pressure on buying more than you want to spend.

New cabinets can make all the difference in a previously cluttered or disorganized bathroom. When you consider quality and choose a fresh style, you add value to your home and make your bathroom space more accommodating.