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The best part of designing and getting your dream kitchen is that everything looks shiny and new. You’re almost afraid to use your kitchen because you know that after the first cooking session, your kitchen will no longer be spotless and pristine. But, you have to use your kitchen – after all – you made it so you can prepare meals and enjoy them. Here are a few tips for maintaining your dream kitchen and keeping it clean, bright, new, shiny, and inviting.

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Keeping the sink clean and free of dishes will go a long way to maintaining your dream kitchen.

Cleaning as you go will ensure that you are never overwhelmed

Letting dirty dishes and cookware build up in your sink, or clutter your counter space is the fastest way to ruin the zen of a new kitchen. Too much clutter will leave you anxious, more likely to run and hide in another room, pretending that you don’t have last night’s spaghetti and red sauce to clean up. Waking up to a messy kitchen will leave us all admonishing ourselves “if you just did the dishes last night, your kitchen would be clean now!”
It sounds so simple, but “steady as she goes” is the best way to maintain your kitchen and your sanity.
Clean dishes, cookware, utensils, and countertops as you go avoiding having to do one giant cleanup after dinner. When you’ve just eaten a satisfying meal, all you want to do is rest on the couch. Don’t leave all the dishes until after dinner.
Keeping the sink empty and clean and emptying the dishwasher when it is done will make cleanup a breeze.

Maintain your cookware and utensils on a regular basis

To ensure a long lifespan of all your new kitchen utensils and cookware, including wooden cutting boards, make sure you tend to them regularly. Taking the time now and then to remove stains and rust will go along the way to keeping your kitchen looking new. Again, as you spot problems in your kitchen, the sooner you address them, the easier it will be to fix or clean. If you leave burnt pots or stained knives too long, you may never get them clean again.

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Clean off stains and rust from kitchen knives, and be sure to oil treat your wooden cutting boards regularly.

Wooden cutting boards should be treated with oil to prevent them from drying and cracking and absorbing food that can cause bacteria to stick around and contaminate your food.

De-clutter your kitchen counters

The last step to keeping your kitchen clean is to get rid of any clutter that may be taking up precious counter space. When you are designing your dream kitchen, talk to one of our professional designers about the right cabinetry and organizational units to give you the space you need for all of your kitchen appliances, equipment, and cookware.

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