Designing your dream kitchen

The kitchen is the first place that a family will spend their renovation budget. After all, the kitchen is and always will be the heart of the home. However, with the increase in products available and technology changing every day, keeping up with the latest kitchen trends can be overwhelming. Work with a kitchen design expert to design a kitchen that is both modern, warm, personal, and functional.

Modern kitchen design trends
Modern kitchen design by The Kitchen Showcase.

The first step to designing a kitchen

The first step to remodeling a kitchen isn’t to talk about that great countertop you saw on Houzz or the color of your cabinets. The first step to a kitchen remodel is to figure out how you like to use your kitchen. Are you an avid chef who loves to experiment and cook big meals for friends and family? Do you like to entertain in the kitchen? Will you need counter space for chopping and homework? Figuring out how you want to use the kitchen will give us a starting point for how to best utilize the space.

Kitchen design trends
Mix modern appliances with dark wood cabinets to blend rustic and modern trends.

The second step to designing a kitchen

The next step is to think about function. You are limited by the space of your kitchen, so you’ll need to plan out the space to give you everything you need while still maintaining function. In a small space, you may have to give up on a few ideas. If you cram too many ideas into a small space, you won’t have time to move, and your kitchen becomes uncomfortable and impractical. The best kitchen design will maximize the efficiency, regardless of how much space you have to work with.

Modern kitchen design
Flat-front cabinetry is trending in the modern kitchen design.

Modern kitchen trends

We used to just worry about where to place the stove, the sink, and the refrigerator. However, the modern kitchen has many more appliances to consider. We’re seeing a lot more kitchen design move towards creating separate workstations that each serve a function. Your kitchen becomes like a mini version of your house. You’ll have different sections carved out for various tasks like cooking, cleaning, eating, and just hanging out.
Flat-front cabinetry is also trending in modern kitchen design. By choosing a warm chocolate color for your cabinets, you can give your cool modern kitchen a bit of warmth.

Customized cabinets and storage spaces

Every kitchen is different, and every homeowner has unique taste and requirements. Many of the products that we offer can be customized to meet the needs of each client. Custom cabinets and storage spaces are a huge trend. Instead of one-size-fits-all, custom cabinets will be tailored specifically to fit your kitchen.

Kitchen design experts in Denver

We know that there are many choices in products for your kitchen, but we are selective in the brands that we offer our customers. We offer the best products for your kitchen to meet every taste, style, and budget. For inspiration, stop by The Kitchen Showcase and talk to a design expert about your dream kitchen.