2019 Kitchen Trends

As incredible as it may be, 2018 is behind us and 2019 brings tons of new things, even in kitchen design. That doesn’t mean that everything we saw in 2018 is now out, it just means that there are more things to be excited about. So, if you’re looking for inspiration for your next kitchen remodel or are just here for the details, there are some of the kitchen design trends we will see this year:

Sleek Finishes and Contrasting Textures

The interesting combination of contrasting textures —think marble work tops, matt cupboards, and bronze details— will add tons of life to any kitchen, while the sleek finishes will make it seem clean and modern

Tall Backsplashes

Tall backsplashes in stones like marble will create a regal look and it’s the perfect way to fancy up your kitchen.

Mixing Modern and Classic

Warm and welcoming, yet clean and chic is what the mix of modern and classic will bring to the table. The best of both worlds can be done and will be seen a lot this year.
2019 Kitchen Trends

Matte Black Finish

Matte black has been a favorite when it comes to hardware accents and other kitchen finishes. In light colored kitchens, it’s provides balance while looking strikingly beautiful, fresh and bit dramatic.

Raw Materials

Adding some wood, jute, stone, and shiplap details will become a staple throughout 2019. Basic modern kitchens are the perfect canvas for these details to come alive. Also, leather and wood drawer pulls will make their way into kitchen design to satisfy people’s need to include organic materials in their design, while adding a subtle detail that still packs a punch.
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