Contemporary cabinet door styles
Contempra Horizontal cabinet door style by Kitchen Crafts.

When it comes to materials that we use in the home, nothing is more popular than natural wood. However, there are so many wood species to choose from, and so many colors, styles, and textures to consider. Although wood has been used since the dawn of time for cabinetry and furniture, there are always new styles that pop up. The newest trend in contemporary kitchen cabinets is horizontal grain cabinet door styles.

Why wood grain matters

There are many factors to consider when choosing a wood. The strength, durability, flexibility, and natural color are important, but one thing that many tend to overlook is the grain pattern of the wood. Each wood has a unique grain pattern, and some are more pronounced than others. A smooth and straight grain pattern will make for a more modern look, whereas a more pronounced grain pattern will make your style more rustic. You have to consider the grain pattern to make sure that it will enhance the design, not create chaos or distract from your design.

Horizontal grain cabinet door styles

New cabinet door styles
Summit Horizontal cabinets door style by Kitchen Crafts.

For a smooth and contemporary cabinet door style, the horizontal grain pattern is becoming more popular. The straight horizontal pattern goes well with a sleek, minimalist contemporary interior decorating style. We’ve got three contemporary and modern slab cabinet door styles from Kitchen Crafts featuring the trendsetting horizontal grain.

  • Contempra Horizontal
  • SoHo Horizontal
  • Summit Horizontal

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