Kitchen design trends have changed dramatically in the course of a few decades. When your grandmother was in the kitchen, every appliance had a place and stayed in that place, period.

Your parents probably had a more modern kitchen with some appliances that had more than one function, but it wasn’t an embarrassment if guests arrived unexpectedly.

Trends have skyrocketed recently, and many homeowners mull over whether or not to take a chance on trendy kitchen design.

Where Are Kitchen Designs Trending?

Today’s kitchen trends point towards something we call “grandma chic.” This is where rustic, traditional elements combine with modern amenities.

Many homeowners are going back to a busy backsplash and wallpaper for their kitchen walls, where it is harder to notice the occasional splatters from cooking.

There’s also a movement towards minimalism in kitchens which makes everything about function rather than form. In this design, there are no wasted steps or extra appliances to take up space.

Kitchen design trends may change in the future, however, so it’s a good idea to prepare for whatever comes next.

What Can We Look Forward To?

Bold colors, oversized sinks, and clever storage are just a few elements to consider with new kitchen design trends.

There are a few things to look out for with kitchen trends:

1. Customized Colors

People will be creating their own signature color for cabinets, giving each kitchen a unique look and feel.

2. Being Bold with Color

Additionally, homeowners will be getting more daring with their choices of bold, solid colors in the kitchen. This also includes using multiple colors throughout the kitchen.

3. Incorporating Storage for Technology

We’ve already started to see this trend, but it will become even more popular. Appliances are getting smaller, gadgets are becoming obsolete faster, and kitchens are becoming less cluttered by including hidden storage for technology.

4. Oversized Sinks

Whether it’s a vessel sink or a single oversized sink, people are looking for ways to maximize the space in their kitchen. Sinks are getting larger to give way to multiple functions and provide more elbow room when preparing meals.

Don’t Miss Out

Kitchen design trends are changing rapidly, so it’s important to prepare for future possibilities. Homeowners are becoming more daring with color choices, customizing their signature cabinet color, and maximizing space with oversized sinks.

Contact us at The Kitchen Showcase to help you with your kitchen redesign. Whether you need to install cabinets or want to replace sinks, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Our team will make sure you don’t miss out on these trends!