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Have you ever tried to assemble new furniture from IKEA, or set up your DIRECTV, or help your kid build that Lego castle? It’s harder than it looks. It makes for laugh out loud scenes in sitcoms, but it makes for hair-pulling temper tantrums in real life. When you plan and design your kitchen or bath with us, we’ll see your project through from start to finish, including assembly and installation of all your products.

Choosing a kitchen design company

It takes time and careful planning to pick out the right cabinetry, countertops, accessories, and hardware for your new kitchen or bathroom, but designing a kitchen or bath takes more than just helping you find the perfect island or picking out a color palate. When you chose a design expert, make sure that they will see the project through until the very end.
Imagine you spend all that time and money working with experts, only to find that everything you picked out is randomly shipped to your home at various times and that you’re expected to install everything yourself. Perhaps you’re stuck waiting at your home all day for a product to arrive with the installation crew. The reason people choose The Kitchen Showcase is due to our industry knowledge and expertise, competitive prices, top of the line products, and attention to detail from planning, to delivery and installation, to the final inspection.

Delivery, installation, service

We even go beyond the final inspection! Should anything happen, something goes wrong, or something isn’t to your complete satisfaction, our team is on standby to help you and support you in your time of need. Our customer service is our best feature:

Hand craften wooden kitchen counter tops
We have top of the line counters and cabinets and are constantly educating ourselves on the latest trends in kitchen and bathroom design.
Photo: Spekva oak handcrafted countertop.

  • We call you
  • We adapt to your timeline
  • Treating your products with the utmost care
  • Professional installation
  • Full-time service department
  • Seeing your project to its conclusion and beyond
  • One-year service warranty

Kitchen and bath design experts in Colorado

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