Clean and simple are the major trends in bathroom design, but just because it is simple doesn’t mean it has to be boring. You can still add a little excitement to your bathroom, as long as you keep the overall look clean. Let’s look at the design trends that are making their way back into the bathroom.

Kitchen cabinets

Clean and minimalistic design

Just like in the kitchen, light, neutral tones are still the most popular bathroom colors. You want your bathroom to feel clean, and working with white tones is a great way to do that. Adding a few softer hues to the white, like neutrals or grays, can break up the white so it doesn’t feel too stark. Just remember to keep the color scheme simple, so the bathroom isn’t too busy. If you’re looking to add a splash of color, think about getting some brightly colored towels and funky bath mats.

Matte hardware and fixtures

You can use your choice of hardware and fixtures to add some excitement to your bathroom. Instead of shiny metals for the hardware, look at matte brass to add a warmer and more rustic element to your bathroom. You don’t want the bathroom to feel cold, and using warmer hues can make your bathroom feel warmer and more inviting.

Open shelving

Batroom remodels in Denver by The Kitchen ShowcaseGone are the bottom cabinets and medicine cabinets. They’re too clunky and take up too much space. Typically, the bathroom has limited space, so to open it up, think about open shelving instead of cabinets. By keeping your storage spaces open, you make your bathroom feel roomier. Of course, you don’t just want a floating sink, and having a cabinet fill the space under the sink is another great use of space. Modern bathroom cabinets will have clean, simple lines that will perfectly blend with the clean and minimalistic design style of your bathroom.

Great lighting

Think about having different types of lighting for all the different tasks that you perform in your bathroom. You can have simple overhead lighting for when you are just making a pit stop, but you also want to have some special lighting for when you need to apply your makeup, style your hair, or pluck your eyebrows.

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