Eliminating clutter in your life could help you feel better, more organized and in-control of your daily life. Too much clutter could be affecting both your emotional and physical health. Remodeling and organizing your kitchen is one step towards a more serene lifestyle.

We all love stuff, we love gadgets, and many of us have a hard time getting rid of the stuff we no longer need. We all have that “messy drawer” with miscellaneous items, but when that drawer spills over onto your counters, cabinets, closets, bookshelves; it’s time to take a step back and think how you can de-clutter your life. Start throwing away stuff you no longer need. All that physical clutter could be cluttering up your brain.

Throwing things away can seem overwhelming; take it one step at a time. Or in this case, one room at a time, maybe even one counter or cabinet at a time.

Clutter affects your mood and the ability to focus

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You can still have a lot of great cookware, but we’ll help you get it organized and off of your counters giving you room to breathe.

We all know we have too many clothes, too many gadgets, too many trinkets cluttering our home. But, we always forget about the kitchen. And, the kitchen is so easy to fill with toys and tools, big and small. Before you know it, your counters are filled with KitchenAids, juicers, toasters, blenders, espresso machines, etc. And when it comes to cooking that healthy meal you’re hard pressed for a little space to lay down a cutting board and dice up some organic veggies.

Then there are the drawers. The amount of fancy cooking utensils that we have these days is insane. Whatever happened to just having a few premium knives and chopping your garlic or slicing your onions. Why do we need separate tools for each step? And, why is it so hard to throw out old equipment, or old utensils. How many peelers does one person need?

And, don’t even get us started on the cabinets. They quickly fill up with so much stuff we have a hard time finding anything, let alone taking it out to use without having to shuffle around a bunch of other stuff that is standing in the way.

Clutter affects your physical and emotional health

Before you know it, you don’t want to cook in your kitchen. The clutter makes you anxious and if prolonged – then emotionally drained. That anxiety leads to eating take-out at the counter or on the couch. So, not only is your clutter making you stressed out and jittery with anxiety, it’s now making you eat unhealthy foods.

If you feel like you’re turning into a lunatic with a little extra junk in your trunk, it could be because of the clutter in your kitchen, and the rest of your home.

Organize kitchen drawers

A well-organized drawer can help your sanity.

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We’re experts at helping our customers design a kitchen that can house all of their favorite cookware, tools, and utensils in an organized manner. Designing a kitchen to fit your space, your appliances, and everything in your kitchen can free up space and make your kitchen the center point of every party, and a pleasure to be in.

Take back your kitchen, and your sanity, and talk to us about a kitchen redesign.