It doesn’t matter the reason. You might be considering reselling your home or you will be moving to a new place. Maybe you just feel it’s time to enhance your house. Regardless of what is motivating you, remodeling your kitchen is always exciting and scary at the same time.
The kitchen is one of the most important and personal spaces from your home. When you think about remodeling it, you want to make sure you are not only going to love its looks but that you are going to feel comfortable in it all the time.
At the Kitchen Showcase, we understand this perfectly. We know people want to see their investments reflected in the great times and delicious meals that are going to flow from their new kitchen.
For over 30 years, we have focused on helping people reach and exceed their expectations, which have allowed us to come up with a list of topics and suggestions you should consider before planning the kitchen of your dreams.

Traditional Kitchen remodel in Denver - The Kitchen Showcase
A kitchen island gives your kitchen a central spot for eating, cooking, and gathering.
Traditional Kitchen remodel by Mike Hall

Where to Begin?

Remember that the primary cook usually passes long hours in the kitchen. Therefore, it should be a comfortable space for him or her. This is your first step. Defining who will spend more time in the kitchen.
Believe it or not, the next question is if he or she is left or right handed? It is a very simple element, but the whole design of your kitchen could change because of it. Also, how tall is the primary cook. Space distribution and cabinets placing have to be designed in function to the easy movement of the kitchen users.
The same exercise should be done with the secondary cook. You also need to consider if there are children in the house and how many. Establishing the exact amount of family members leads you to answers for questions such as: Should I get a table or explore other options?
Traditional Kitchen remodel in Denver - The Kitchen Showcase
Regarding the table, you should also ask yourself how often do you get visitors and how many. All of these aspects can help you have a clear idea of what you want and where you need to prioritize.

Style and Design

Once you have clarified your kitchen needs, you can focus on adding a little taste and personality in the design of your new kitchen. Nonetheless, you can make your decision more accurate by adding questions such as cooking style and the family members kitchen responsibilities.
After you are done, you can start thinking of colors, textures, and materials you would like to see in your kitchen, and don’t forget to consider the ones you don’t want in your project.
Choosing the Perfect Countertop for Your Kitchen
Think of what you like about your current kitchen and what you dislike about it. Also, try to picture the new kitchen style, if it is a modern kitchen, traditional, rustic or contemporary? Look at your surroundings; you might get some inspiration there.
Keep in mind your habits, like recycling and the appliances you plan to keep. This way is easier to design the space and distribution of your new kitchen.
new kitchen design denver
These easy steps can help you come up with a better idea of your needs and wishes for your new kitchen project. These can also help when the fun part arrives, like picking up the materials and building the project design. Kitchen remodel is quite a complex project for your home, but design professionals are always here to step up and do wonders with it.
To find out more useful tips and suggestions for the construction and design of the kitchen of your dreams, see our blog for more.