The way you design your kitchen can significantly improve your cooking. You won’t become a top chef overnight, but if you have space, tools, and convenience incorporated into your kitchen design, you’ll have a much more enjoyable time in your kitchen. If you love your kitchen, you’ll enjoy cooking in your kitchen. Love makes everything taste better.

Convenient kitchen design

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The trick to making your kitchen more enjoyable to work in is making everything convenient. The layout of your kitchen should make everything flow naturally. Think about cooking as a choreographed dance, and then design your kitchen to fit that choreography. The kitchen work triangle is a great place to start, but more elements go into a great layout and convenient kitchen design.

Kitchen work triangle

Make sure your sink, stove, and refrigerator fit the kitchen work triangle. Having these three items in a convenient pattern will make it easy to travel from one to the other. These three items are the main ingredient to a productive workflow. Next, you need to add herbs and spices to make your dish sing.

Counter space

Give yourself plenty of space to prep and work. Counter space gives you more freedom when you cook. Don’t clutter your countertops with too many trinkets and appliances. Leave your countertops open so that you have room to prep and organize your ingredients.

Garbage disposal

The right finish for kitchen cabinets

For extra convenience, make sure you have a garbage disposal, compost, or trash bin close to your prep station. You cooking flow will be disrupted if you have to keep traveling across the kitchen to dispose of trash. Remember to design your kitchen to be as convenient as possible. Each movement should flow into the next with ease.

Dirty dishes

Give yourself space to be messy. Having enough counter space by the sink – or in the sink – will allow you to keep cooking, without having to stop and do a load of dishes.

Design a kitchen that will make your life easier. The easier it is to cook in your kitchen, the more you’ll want to cook. The more you cook, the better your cooking.

Visit a kitchen showroom to talk to a designer about making your life more comfortable in the kitchen.