It’s so easy for a bathroom to become cluttered. Remodeling a bathroom should focus heavily on designing the right storage space to create calm and order. A professional bathroom designer can help you make good use of the space you have, finding innovative ways to create storage space and design a bathroom that is peaceful and functional.

Custom bathroom storageInnovative storage spaces

The trick to a bathroom is to be able to have all of the things you need but to have them be almost invisible when you enter the room. Storage space can also free up counter space, making it easier to maneuver around in the bathroom. Remodeling a bathroom should try to account for all of the things that you want in your bathroom, and then designing smart storage options. Get innovative with the storage spaces. Don’t just use cabinets. Create some interest by using shelving and hanging items to organize your bathroom.

Custom storage for the bathroom

Think about what you need to store in your bathroom. Make a list, so that your bathroom designer can get an accurate idea of what type of storage you need. And, remember to be detailed. The more detailed, the better we can customize your bathroom design to make it specific to your needs. So, what do you need in your bathroom:

Remodeling your bathroom
Use both cabinets and open shelving to create custom storage in the bathroom.
Credit to Infinity home collection
  • Towels
  • Toilet paper
  • Beauty product
  • Hair care products – including brushes, blow dryers, straightening and curling irons
  • Shower products
  • Medicine
  • Feminine products
  • Male products
  • Cleaning products
  • Miscellaneous

Remodeling a bathroom in Denver

Come and check out our showroom and talk to a bathroom designer about how to customize the storage space in your bathroom. The right storage units, whether it’s cabinets, hangers, or shelving, can create the right ambiance in your bathroom. Get inspiration and guidance from The Kitchen Showcase in Denver for your bathroom remodeling project.