new bathroom cabinets

What’s Right for You?

Normally, you will find that stock cabinets will fit within the framework of your bath layout unless you want to design an elaborate custom job. Usually, custom cabinets are constructed after established designs that have become quite popular. Plus these cabinets offer the most personalized alternative for a lofty price tag. That’s not to say it’s the wrong decision. Just make sure to review the sizing options of stock cabinets before assuming you need a custom cabinet.

Custom Bathroom Cabinetry

Custom Bathroom CabinetryLocal cabinet shops will make every cabinet unique to fit your required space or needs. Everything is customizable, from the cabinet box, drawers, doors, and face frame. However, the most expensive alternative offers more design options, any size, any color, any design, and finish. Dream about it, and a custom cabinetmaker can make it real.

Semi-Custom Bathroom Cabinets

This alternative allows you to personalize certain aspects of the cabinet. You will find semi-custom cabinets in stock sizes that can be altered at 1/8″ increments. Width, depth or height can be adjusted, depending on the need. Overall, these products provide a substantial number of options and choices, but at a lower cost than custom cabinets.

Stock Bathroom Cabinets

Stores and catalogs sell cabinets in basic sizes available in width ranging from 10″-96″ in 3-inch increments. The prize is set up upon the size, color, and material type. They offer the least expensive price tag because they are produced in mass. Stock cabinets are readily available for purchase, delivery, and installation. You need to design and build around those stock sizes.
At the end of the day, you need to establish a budget for your project. What’s important to you?
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