When you buy a new home, it’s because you want to be able to move in right away. However, even if there are no big remodeling jobs to take care of, you still need to make a few design changes to make your new home feel like your home. At The Kitchen Showcase, we help homeowners create their dream home, whether it’s a complete remodel, or to simply upgrade a few rooms.

Custom cabinets
Personalize your new home with custom cabinets.

Little things make a big difference

There are little design elements that can make a big difference in a home. A new house may have all the structural elements you need to create a home, but now it’s time for you to put your personal touch on it. You don’t have to start ripping up the floors or tearing down walls; a few simple elements are all you need to personalize each room.

New cabinets and casework

Custom cabinets Denver
Get custom storage units for every room for cohesion.

Whether it’s new kitchen cabinets, new bathroom cabinets, or custom casework for the other rooms, cabinetry is a simple way of making a small change that has a big impact. Everyone has different functional needs in the home. Choose shelves, cabinets, drawers, and storage units that will make each room more cozy and practical.

Cohesive Design

Choosing cabinetry and casework that matches in style and material from room to room will make your interior design cohesive. Work with designers to customize the look and feel, and to ensure that everything is built for you and your family. A few similar elements that pop up in every room will make your home feel connected. The more connected each room is in the home, the more comfortable and effective your interior design choices will be.


Interior design in Denver
Lighting is everything!

Whether it’s selfies in the bathroom or professional wedding photos to create the perfect ambiance, lighting is everything. Your choice of lighting will enhance the look and the feel of your home. Creating a unified lighting design for the home, by using different fixtures and bulbs, will enhance the ambiance of your home.
The Kitchen Showcase has over 40+ complete showrooms for your inspiration. Talk to a designer about simple ways, like new cabinets, casework, and lighting to make a new house feel like home. Stop by our Denver showroom to see the latest products for the home.