Installing a kitchen island is a great way to add functionality and luxury to a kitchen design. While many kitchen islands were once used for cooking and cleaning and as an extension of the workspace, people now want a place to sit and enjoy each other’s company. 

If you have a kitchen renovation on the horizon, you may want to consider extending your kitchen island to include a dining area. This will be one way to level up your overall kitchen design.

How to Extend the Kitchen Island and Create an Extra Dining Area

When it comes to extending the kitchen island to create an extra dining area, you want to think about how many people will be sitting there most often. You can do it in several ways. One of the main ways is by adding a cantilevered table to one side of the island to extend outward into the rest of the kitchen. 

In some cases, you want this cantilever to drop down to be at the same height as a dining room table. You may have seen bar top style islands, and while these may provide some use, they don’t give you that same type of dining table feel you would get with a cantilevered extension.

Extend your island for more dining space.

Making Your Kitchen Items Multi-Functional Will Make Your Kitchen More Complete and Efficient

When thinking about kitchen design, you should be thinking about adding more function. Every part of your kitchen can be made multi-functional. By adding functionality, it becomes a more efficient and complete kitchen. A cantilevered drop-down island extension will provide more seating while promoting family dinners and bonding within the space.

With more people spending time at home, you create spaces that you can gather in and use.

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