Choosing Kitchen Cabinets for Colorado Climate

Are you thinking about renovating your home in the near future? Are you wanting to have the kitchen of your dreams but not sure where to start? One of the most important aspects of this space is the cabinetry. Kitchen cabinets can make or break the overall design, so you want to make sure you’re choosing correctly. When choosing wood cabinets in a dry climate, you also need to consider durability and flexibility.

Choosing Cabinets in Colorado is Tricky

For homeowners that live in Colorado, choosing cabinets can be tricky because of the dryness. Wood cabinets in a dry climate can warp, crack, and shrink if they are not chosen correctly. When you choose kitchen cabinets and want to use wood material, you need to choose the right kind. An expert in kitchen renovations can help make sure that the cabinets you choose are durable and flexible. They can also ensure that they do not crack or shrink and ruin the overall design you have accomplished. 

Keep your wood cabinets looking good even in dry weather.

How to Maintain Wood Cabinets in a Dry Climate

Once you have chosen kitchen cabinets, you’re going to want to make sure they are maintained. One of the first things you need to ensure is that your indoor climate is always stable and proper ventilation is present. If you work with a Colorado designer, they will find the best cabinet material for your home. They will also outline products and practices you can use to ensure that the cabinetry you decide to use stays in incredible shape now and well into the future.

At The Kitchen Showcase, we know how to do cabinetry right. Contact us today to find out more about how you can make sure that your cabinets last a lifetime.

Design Details for a Rustic Country Style Kitchen

Luxury doesn't need to be expensive.

If you like the look of a country style kitchen, you may be looking to do a renovation soon. These kitchens are becoming very popular, especially among people who have a home out in a rural area. Whether it’s for your summer home or your farm style home, having a rustic and charming kitchen can elevate the design while still maintaining luxury.

A rustic country kitchen uses lots of wood and open shelving.

Use Dark Wood or Reclaimed Wood With Patina

One of the best ways to elevate design in a rustic country style kitchen is using dark wood or reclaimed wood with patina. These rich, warm tones will create an atmosphere in the space that is symbolic of the countryside. You can also choose to use bold black cast-iron hardware for the cabinets, as this tends to be a great way to bring the outdoors in. By pairing the dark iron with the natural wood, you will create a pleasant, cozy atmosphere.

Open Shelving and a Colorful Backsplash

One aspect of a country style kitchen that people tend to forget is open shelving. Open shelving is a great way to display unique and eclectic dishware that you may have collected over the years. Along with open shelving, you should also opt for a colorful backsplash that will add joy and airiness to the country style kitchen

Using these design elements, you can guarantee that your home will fit in with your surrounding landscape. It is also a great way for city homeowners to bring a little bit of the countryside into an urban setting. If you are concerned about choosing the right design details for this renovation, you will need to work with an expert.

The Kitchen Showcase has a team of professionals that are specialized in these types of renovations and can guarantee that every step you take along the renovation road is the right step.

Luxury Additions to Impress Potential Buyers

When selling your home, you want to make sure that it looks impressive to potential buyers. The more impressive that your home looks, the higher price you can ask for it. If your home looks outdated or repairs are needed, then people may look elsewhere for a home.

The best way to make your home stand out is with luxury home additions. These will elevate the overall style, functionality, and value of your home and make your home more attractive to buyers. 

Walk-in Pantry, Custom Shelving, Built-in Storage, Cabinets

Some of the best features to add will be in the kitchen. A walk-in pantry will be ideal if you want to get a high price for your home. The walk-in pantry should also have custom shelving and built-in storage or cabinets. 

The more room in the kitchen, the better. People want a space where they can cook, relax and convene with their family. The bigger space is, the more luxurious it will feel, which is perfect for the heart of the home. More storage is also going to mean people can tuck away their personal belongings and let the kitchen style stand out. 

A luxury kitchen is attractive to sellers.

High Functioning Laundry Room

Another great place to add luxury is in the laundry room. You want to put in a beautiful countertop that is large enough to be functional. You should also have a space to iron along with somewhere to hang up clothing and stack laundry baskets. In addition, you should also add in a big sink in these rooms. The more money you spend on luxury home additions, the more likely you will make this investment back upon your home’s sale. 

If you want the highest quality luxury home additions, contact the Kitchen Showcase today.

How to Upgrade Your Kitchen Without A Complete Remodel

Kitchen Island and Countertops

Kitchen Upgrades Without the Fuss

Do you find your Denver home needs kitchen design upgrades to keep up with today’s trends? You may find yourself procrastinating to upgrade your kitchen because once one thing is changed, everything else will need to be, and you’ll have a complicated, expensive, and time-consuming remodel on your hands.

Fortunately, you don’t need to perform an entire remodel to start kitchen design upgrades. Feel free to add new styles and features to your kitchen without tearing it all apart.

Clean lines, and light colors are key elements of minimalist style.
With The Kitchen Showcase, you can perform kitchen design upgrades without needing to remodel.

Large Kitchen Design Upgrades

Some tasks can still take some work when you begin your kitchen upgrade process. While they won’t involve complete reformatting or construction, these are big changes that will alter the entire look of your kitchen. The upgrade process can be simple, but will still entail a bit of time and work:

  • Changing cabinets
  • Painting cabinets
  • Changing countertops
  • Replacing appliances with modern, visually appealing models

Smaller Kitchen Design Upgrades

Good news! Some changes are simple to install or adjust and can completely overhaul the look of your kitchen for a new trendy design in your contemporary Denver home. Your guests will be gawking at the impact of some of these smaller kitchen upgrades.

  • Changing hardware
  • Replacing lighting fixtures
  • Adding backsplash
  • Buying new island stools

There’s no longer any reason to fear your kitchen design upgrades. With the help of The Kitchen Showcase, we can make your upgrade process easier with a wide selection of accessories and main kitchen hardware options to change the look of your kitchen without the need for remodeling. To get started, visit our showroom for free today.

Design Considerations for Adding a Wet Bar

newly remodeled contemporary home bar

Make Hosting More Convenient With Your Custom Wet Bar

A wet bar gives you more opportunity to host in your Denver home in rooms other than the kitchen. With your guests, you can catch up in your rec room or another common area, when you add your own wet bar. That way, there’s no need to make constant trips back and forth from the kitchen. By designing a wet bar for your home, you’ll have something to show off and make hosting more convenient and enjoyable for visits.

What You Will Need for Designing a Wet Bar

Since your wet bar will be for your comfort, enjoyment, and hosting opportunities, you’ll want it to look good, fit well with the flow of your Denver home, and be functional.

These are the elements you need to consider:

  • Having enough counter and seating space
  • Appliances, like a fridge, and others for convenient hosting
  • A sink
  • Plumbing for the sink
  • Electricity for appliances and outlets for smaller appliances like a coffee maker, electric kettle, blender, and more
  • Cabinetry for storing wet bar items
Basement Wet Bar Countertops
Designing a wet bar to suit your home aesthetic will make you enjoy hosting.

Designing a Wet Bar to Complement Your Home

You will want your wet bar to suit the style of the rest of your home. You can make it bold with dark shades to feel more like a real bar. Or, you can take a modern, fresh approach with light colors and sleek finishing.

These are the details that you can customize to make your wet bar flow with the rest of your home’s aesthetic:

  • Appliance coloring (black, silver, white, etc.)
  • Visually appealing cabinetry with finishing touches like handles or shelf knobs
  • Stool styles
  • Countertop design
  • Lighting installations

To get started designing your customized wet bar, develop a plan with design experts at The Kitchen Showcase. They will help you create a wet bar perfect for your home. Get a free quote on our services today.

How to Plan Your Dream Walk-In Closet

Give Yourself the Closet You’ve Always Wanted

Have you always had a hard time fitting your beautiful clothes, shoes, coats, accessories, and more in your cramped closet? Not having the space to explore your clothing options for special events, workday, or even just an errand run can be frustrating. Having everything on one small rack with no room to space out your different items can also damage their quality.

That’s why you should invest in that dream walk-in closet design for your Denver home. You deserve to feel good as you decide what to wear each day. Having space will add a sense of luxury and functionality to your day to day life.

walk-in closet
Create your own specialized walk-in closet design with The Kitchen Showcase.

Elements to Consider for a Walk-In Closet Design

When shaping your walk-in closet design, you’ll want to think of features that will add convenience and character to your personal space. This will be your own serene escape, so you want it to have design elements that suit your taste and will make you comfortable when choosing or changing your outfits.

These elements will be worth including in your dream walk-in closet design:

Creating a Focal Point and Good Flow When Planning a Walk-In Closet

Remember that the main purpose of your walk-in closet design is not just to look good, but to be functional for you in your day-to-day life. You will be using this space frequently, so you’ll want its spacing and layout to make sense.

When planning your walk-in closet, create a focal point that will be visually appealing in the center of your closet area. Consider having your seating area in the middle of your closet so you can sit and look around for your dressing options. You can also choose to install a vanity for getting ready so everything can be done in your dream walk-in closet design. A jewelry rack with sparkly necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets on display will bring a smile to your face as you see it first whenever stepping inside.

Leave space around your walk-in closet focal point for easy navigation. That way, you can walk around while pulling items off the rack as if in your own private boutique.

With our design experts’ help at The Kitchen Showcase, you can achieve your dream walk-in closet design. We will guide you through the planning and implementation process for a successful remodel of your Denver home closet. Get started on your closet design by getting a free quote now.

Design Considerations for a Kitchen Island

As you work on a kitchen remodel in your Denver house or you want to improve your kitchen design, you will need to spend some time on your kitchen island. There are several factors to consider with these features that will affect your kitchen island’s look, size, and functionality. 

Size Requirements

As you work on your kitchen design, you must determine how large of a kitchen island you desire. The different sizes of this feature will affect its functions. For example, is your plan for a kitchen island to simply increase your counter space? Do you want to add a sink, storage, or extra seating to it? 

A kitchen island is a terrific way to increase the
seating in this room.

Design Aesthetics 

You don’t have to settle for a boring and bland kitchen island. This area of your kitchen can become a statement piece. For example, you may consider custom cabinets on your island with exquisite details. You may enhance this feature with various accent pieces. You can also make your kitchen island stand out by painting the base a different color than the rest of the cabinets in your Denver kitchen. 

Be creative and have fun as you design your kitchen island. For example, add an additional area on your kitchen island that could be used as a small table. As you determine the different designs you want to implement on this kitchen feature, make sure to create this feature so it is functional, trendy, and matches your current kitchen design

Contact us at The Kitchen Showcase to help with your kitchen design. We want to help you create a gorgeous, functional, and aesthetically-appealing kitchen area. Our design specialists are ready to help you create your dream home. 

Don’t forget to schedule your appointment in our showroom to help you gather kitchen design ideas and to learn about the latest trends, products, and more. If you can’t visit our Denver showroom in person, schedule a virtual consultation

Choosing a Countertop to Match Your Kitchen

Choose from a wide selection of materials.

When you remodel the kitchen in your Denver home, one of the most important decisions you will make is selecting your kitchen countertops. There are many countertop styles and materials to consider, and you may feel overwhelmed as you determine which option is best for your particular home and kitchen design. 

When choosing countertops, select a material that
matches your current kitchen design.

Choosing Countertops

As you consider the various countertop styles available, you want to consider materials that match your kitchen design. You want to choose a product that is aesthetically appealing and does not stand out, or is out of place. For example, if you desire a minimalist look in your kitchen, you do not want to install a countertop that features a unique and busy design.

In addition to the design of the kitchen countertop, you also want to consider the functionality of the countertop material. Some styles are more user-friendly and easier to maintain than others. 

Quartz Countertops Vs. Natural Stone Countertops

Popular countertop options in Denver homes include both quartz countertops and natural stone countertops. Both countertop styles have many pros and cons, and some are easier to maintain than others. For example, if you want a countertop that is easy to maintain and doesn’t require a lot of extra care, a quartz countertop should be at the top of your list. Natural stone products are gorgeous, but must be sealed often to protect the surfaces from damage and keep all areas looking their best. 

However, regardless of what type of material you select, both options will create a luxurious kitchen in your Denver home. These kitchen styles also come in various colors, patterns, etc., allowing you to find the perfect item to match the remainder of your kitchen. 

To learn more about various countertop styles and the pros and cons of each type, visit our kitchen showroom. If you cannot visit in person, schedule a consultation with a member of our virtual team

Considerations to Help You Decide Between a Shower or a Tub

Masterbath Tub and shower

As you work on the bathroom design in your Denver home, one of the most important decisions you will face is to choose between a bathtub or a shower. Both options have many benefits, but one may be a better fit for your lifestyle, budget, and bathroom design. 

A bathtub increases your home’s value and is
excellent for families with young children.

Tub vs. Shower: The Benefits of a Bathtub

The benefits of a bathtub are more than just a relaxing place to soak after a long day. A bathtub is a luxury item in a house. It can make the bathroom have a spa-like feel. It is also beneficial for families with young children. 

Additionally, a bathtub can increase your home’s resale value, and it is a major selling perk for many buyers. However, if you choose to install a bathtub, make sure there is ample space in the bathroom as this item will consume a significant amount of space. In a small space, a bathtub can make the room appear small, cramped, and crowded.

Tub vs. Shower: The Benefits of a Shower

A walk-in shower is ideal for a master bathroom or a guest bathroom. It is an excellent way to improve the energy-efficiency of your home as these products consume considerably less water than a bathtub. 

If you have a small bathroom, a shower is ideal. This is an excellent way to save space in this room, and it can make your bathroom appear large and open. 

A Bathroom design can leave you feeling a little overwhelmed. At The Kitchen Showcase, you can walk through our showroom to gather ideas for your Denver home’s bathroom. You can evaluate the latest trends, designs, and products that will transform this space. If you can’t visit us in person, check out our online gallery or schedule a virtual consultation and one of our design specialists can help you create a room that you love. 

How to Prepare For Your Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel in your Denver home is an exciting adventure. However, it can also be intimidating and a little overwhelming. This is a major home project, and you may feel a little inconvenienced and not know what to fully expect for a few weeks. 

Here are a few ideas to help you best prepare for your upcoming kitchen remodel

Work with professional design specialists and
contractors to ensure a successful home remodel.

Work With the Professionals

Before the construction begins, always work with kitchen design professionals. These individuals can help you design your ideal kitchen with the perfect layout, cabinets, countertops, and light fixtures. They have unique and creative ideas that will help to customize this space for your family, baking needs, and much more. 

Keep in mind that not only should you work with kitchen design experts, but you must always hire professional contractors as well. This will ensure the entire remodel process from start to finish is completed correctly, and no corners are cut. 

Getting Ready for Your Kitchen Remodel

Before the project begins, spend time preparing your home. Pull out all personal items and place them in another area on your property where they will be safe. You may want to move food and dishware to areas in your home that are convenient and accessible, particularly while construction is underway. 

The more prepared you are for a kitchen remodel in your Denver home, the more you will enjoy the process. You will feel less stressed and will be able to handle any challenge or obstacle that comes along with more grace and understanding. 

Contact The Kitchen Showcase in Denver today to schedule your showroom tour. You can browse through all different styles, kitchen designs, products, and more to help you create the perfect space in your home. If you cannot visit us in person, check out our online gallery and virtual tour capabilities.