The Latest Kitchen Design Trends Millennials Love

Luxury doesn't need to be expensive.

When you tour multiple homes or even visit a professional kitchen showroom, you will notice a variety of kitchen design trends. There are many stylish and gorgeous options you will see, such as a traditional farmhouse look, to a simple, minimalistic style. One trend that many millennial homeowners have fallen in love with is the grandmillennial kitchen design. 

What is Grandmillennial Kitchen Design? 

This kitchen trend is a combination of nostalgia and modern design. It is where you take inspiration from your grandparent’s kitchen and living room, and incorporate it into your modern kitchen design. For example, you may incorporate nostalgic aesthetics into your kitchen that is currently filled with simple, clean lines. This helps to create a space that is bright and full of texture and color. 

Display your collections to help you create
this kitchen design.

How To Create Grandmillennial Kitchen Design

While there are many creative ways you can achieve this design trend, a few ideas include: 

Create an accent wall with a fun wallpaper. You may consider a peel-and-stick product for easy installation and removal. 

Display your collections. Do you have a bunch of figurines? Place them on a floating shelf or an open cabinet. If you have old china or everyday dishes, consider hanging these items on the wall to create a unique and colorful statement piece. 

Mix and match patterns. Implementing patterns in your design is a great way to add a lot of color, and it will make your kitchen area a bright and cheery space. You can implement patterns in your backsplash, rugs, towels, or even on the upholstery on your chairs. 

Choose a statement piece. When guests walk into your kitchen area, what is going to catch their eye? Create a statement piece for this area of the home. It could be a wall, a piece of furniture, your countertops, backsplash, or even your cabinets. 

No matter if you love the industrial look, or you want a more modern kitchen design, at The Kitchen Showcase, we can help you. Contact us to schedule a visit to our showroom or explore our online galleries for inspiration.

A Guide to Contemporary Kitchen Renovation and Design

Beautiful Contemporary Kitchen

We all want to transform our kitchen into the stylish, pragmatic living space of our dreams. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done. Designing or renovating a kitchen requires a lot of time, experience, and insider knowledge to pull it off successfully. 

Below are some tips to help you save time and avoid mistakes when planning for your ideal kitchen. 

Tips for Optimal Kitchen Utilization

Contemporary kitchen island
A kitchen island is an excellent way to
create a social space for family and friends.

  1. Incorporating minimalism will reduce clutter and potentially increase the resale value for younger buyers seeking more modern styles.
  2. A kitchen island can not only efficiently increase your counter space, but it can also create a social space for guests and family. 
  3. Use color for both style and mood. Depending on the colors you incorporate, you will be able to influence the environment you create for yourself based on color psychology. 
  4. Choose a storage style that compliments your dishware requirements. Consider even combining multiple styles, such as shelving and cabinets.

Mistakes in Design During Renovation

One common mistake made during kitchen renovations is forgetting who uses the space. For example, whether or not you have young children will greatly influence your design choices, as well as the types of appliances and countertops you purchase. Similarly, if you are not a self-proclaimed chef, you may want to allocate your budget towards items you’ll use more regularly, such as cabinets and sinks.

Another common mistake is leaving your sink choice to the last minute. Regardless of your cooking ability, you will be using the sink to clean dishes and wash your hands every single day, so plan ahead and pick your sink early.

If you’re considering kitchen remodeling in Colorado, reach out to our team of design and kitchen experts to make that dream space into your new kitchen. Renovating your kitchen isn’t a solo project, so seek the help of our experts.

Don’t know what your ideal kitchen looks like? Unsure if you need our help? Visit our gallery page and why us page to learn why The Kitchen Showcase is the only destination for expert kitchen design in Colorado. While you’re at it, check out our newest 2020 cabinets and get planning today!

What Makes a Bathroom Stand Out?

Bathroom renovations have gone through their various trends — from the all pink porcelain to beach-themed baths. While trends come and go, what’s never gone out of style is utilizing your space to create the timeless bathroom your home deserves. Here are some bathroom design tips on how to turn any sized bathroom into a welcoming space. 

Unique and Timeless Design

A sleek design will help your bathroom feel clean,
fresh, and trendy.

While themes are fun, nothing stands out quite like a sleek design. Choosing a light paint color for your walls will leave your bathroom feeling clean and fresh. If you’re looking to add a pop of color, consider adding colorful towels or other decorative elements.  

Great Materials

Bathroom renovation in Denver usually starts because something needs to be refreshed. Replacing your builder-grade cabinets or stark white countertops can add a lot of warmth to the space, making it more inviting. There are so many choices to be made, and our professional design team will help you make the right choice and create a bathroom that suits your every need. 

Use of Light

For bathroom overhauls, lighting is one of the most important elements in your bathroom. Whether it be a powder room or your master bath, choosing a light fixture that gives enough ambient light to fill the space is crucial in creating a welcoming atmosphere. Installing task light can be useful too, as it adds a functional and personal touch.  

Spa-like Feeling

Get that luxurious, spa-like feel with a neutral color palette and high-end finishings. The addition of plants to your bathroom will bring the space to life — literally. Greenery encourages relaxation and offers many benefits to their owners, like reducing stress. Making sure the atmosphere of your bathroom is warm and inviting is key; for example, you could consider the addition of heated floors to take the space to the next level. Contact our design specialists for bathroom design tips, to talk about your vision, and to bring your ultimate oasis to life!  

Whether you’re working with a small space or renovating the bathroom of your dreams, make sure you contact us at The Kitchen Showcase for professional bathroom design tips on transforming your space from drab to fab!

Give Your Kitchen A High-End Look

Luxury doesn't need to be expensive.

If you want to get a high-end look, you can utilize many techniques that will provide luxury without going overboard. Once you work with a designer, they can help you with all the decision making.

Luxury Without The Price-Tag

When it comes to kitchen design tips that will make the space look more expensive, you need to think about the materials and the layout. One of the most costly parts of any kitchen is the cabinetry, but if you salvage some of your current cabinetry, or work with a company that can choose the most affordable options for you, it can be much less money.

In addition to cabinetry, the kitchen countertops tend to put people over budget as people love to choose from expensive stones like marble. However, you can get just as luxurious a look like marble without the high price tag by choosing white stone like quartz. As many materials look similar to luxury choices, you can usually still successfully make your space look expensive without going overboard.

You can get luxury without breaking the bank.
You can get luxury without breaking the bank.

Kitchen Design Tips & Tricks

Getting a newly renovated space that looks expensive without going over budget can be challenging, but you can make it happen with a bit of help.

  1. Choose a color palette that looks luxurious. Try to keep it uniform. You can opt for whites, navy blues, greys, and beige. Some people like to choose a few shades of the same color for their palette, creating a dynamic and expensive look.
  2. Selecting high-end hardware for your cabinetry can go a long way in making your space look and feel luxurious. While you may not be getting an entirely new set of cabinets, this hardware will make it look as though you have.
  3. When it comes to lighting, go big and bold. Keep your overhead lights minimal like pot lights, but include at least one chandelier or pendant light that is bold and chic, as this will make your entire space look and feel glamorous.

If you work with a design specialist who can help you choose the right kitchen countertops and other materials, you will most likely get an expensive-looking space without breaking the bank.

Contact us today to figure out which kitchen design tips will be the most practical for your space.

Organize Your Space With These Kitchen Cabinet Accessories

Keep your space clean by utilizing storage systems.

When it comes to kitchen storage, there are many different techniques and tactics that you can implement. Suppose you have a renovation around the corner or have had one recently completed. In that case, you may be interested in installing practical and efficient kitchen cabinet storage systems into various parts of your space.

Maneuvering around your cooking area and finding a place for everything to go can be challenging, especially if you have a busy lifestyle with lots of kids on the go. You would be surprised at how quickly new cabinetry can soon become filled with food, dishes, and other goods. It would help if you always were rethinking your kitchen storage solutions to get the most out of your space.

In-Cabinetry Accessories Come In Handy

If you try and implement kitchen storage techniques, such as countertop bins or shelving units, you will find that they take up a lot of space. A system that uses floor and countertop space will not make you feel like the room has decreased functionality. For this reason, you should consider kitchen cabinet storage. Having everything tucked away is going to make everything look uniform and clean. Reducing clutter will make you feel more comfortable, and it will highlight your new renovation.

There are tons of kitchen accessories to choose from.
There are tons of kitchen accessories to choose from.

Some Great Ideas

Some great ideas that many people are using for kitchen storage are the following:

  1. Shelves that pop out for storing your mixers or other small appliances can be an excellent addition to countertops.
  2. Flip down sink fronts that create a small space where you can store your sponges, brushes, and other dishwashing tools. These compartments will make your sink look much cleaner and stylish.
  3. In-drawers dividing trays that make it easier to sort and retrieve utensils and other cookware.
  4. Shelves can be moved throughout the space to suit your needs. You should plan for these sorts of things, especially if they were taking up parts of the floor.

Contact us today to find out about some of our recommended kitchen storage solutions.

6 Ways To Use The Space Above Your Cabinets

The empty space above your cupboards is an opportunity for design and storage.

Do you ever look around your home and notice empty areas and wonder what to do with them? People who don’t know how to decorate or have a background in styling often do not know how to use this empty space. 

For some kitchen design tips that will make you rethink the space, check out some decorating and storing techniques outlined below. 

3 Tips for Storage Above Cabinets

Kitchen storage is made much easier by utilizing empty space to your advantage. Check out these three storing tips:

  1. Use metal or wicker baskets to store any food or cooking utensils that you don’t have room for in any of your cupboards.
  2. Stack cookbooks and other reading material that you don’t have room for above the cabinets as it is both functional and stylish.
  3. If you have large cookware that is cumbersome and don’t use it that often, place them neatly above your cupboards. You can also put them in stylish boxes. 
Use vases and art to create style above cabinetry.
Use vases and art to create style above cabinetry.

3 Decorating Tips for Above Cabinets

Besides storing items above your cabinets, you can also use it as a space for decorating. Elevate your interior style with these three kitchen design tips:

  1. If you have tall ceilings, you can layer art pieces above your cabinets, creating a gallery wall above your cupboards. If you have only a little room, choose small family photographs and other art pieces to fill the space. 
  2. Use the space to place ornate glass vases and dishes that are stylish. They will keep them safe and look great. 
  3. Add a stylish wallpaper or colorful backsplash to the space to keep it uniform with the rest of your room. 

By utilizing these kitchen design tips, you can make much better use of the space. With ideas for kitchen storage and decoration, you will no longer be wondering what to do with the emptiness.

Make sure to contact us to find out more about remodeling ideas that can heighten style and kitchen storage. 

The Perfect Kitchen For Your Cabin Or Vacation House

You vacation home deserves just as much attention as your primary home.

Do you own a vacation home or cabin that needs a bit of work? As it is not your primary residence, you may be hesitant to spend money on renovations, as you are not there that often. However, you will see that simple remodels can make what little time you spend there much more enjoyable. 

With more people working online, you may find yourself staying at your vacation home more often if you create a stylish and functional space. 

Choose colors and materials that accentuate the location.
Choose colors and materials that accentuate the location.

Define the Space and How Often You Use the Kitchen

When figuring out what kind of kitchen remodel to have done at your vacation home, you should first determine your primary uses for the space. If you love to cook but find you only make simple dishes when at your vacation home, you may want to spring for something more attuned to a cook’s needs.

If you like to entertain, you’ll want to spring for a kitchen design that will open up and expand the space to fit more people. Understanding what you want out of the kitchen and how often you will use it will help you make the kitchen remodel decisions. 

Opt For Natural Elements

In most cases, peoples’ vacation homes or summer cabins tend to be in areas that are immersed in nature. The location of your vacation home can inspire the types of materials that you use within. If you are nestled amongst various trees, you may want to use wood for your countertops and floors, adding touches of stone and glass to bring out the sky. 

If your vacation home is on the beach somewhere, you may want to keep your space light by using relaxing tones, light woods, and smooth slate for the flooring and countertops. 

If you work with experts in kitchen design in Denver, you can be sure that you will choose all the right natural elements. Contact Kitchen Showcase to learn more about what we do.

Choose Your Kitchen Sink On Time

A kitchen sink must be stylish and practical.

When you select new pieces for your upcoming renovation, you want to make sure you are thinking about the many style elements. The kitchen sink is sometimes overlooked and thought of at the last minute. When people are scrambling to choose, they often choose something that is not as stylish as they would have hoped. 

Suppose you want to make the right decision when it comes to choosing kitchen design elements. In that case, you need to be working with a professional remodeler that can help you select the best finishes that will be aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Choose from a wide selection of materials.
Choose from a wide selection of materials.

Often Overlooked But Key Practical Elements

A kitchen sink is going to be one of the most used parts of your new space. If you currently have something that is not functional, you will want to prioritize this choice to not have any regrets in the new space. 

There are various types of sinks available, so choosing the right one can be challenging. Depending on your kitchen design, you may have room for two, with one being on the island. The best way to approach this choice is by assessing your needs carefully and your style preferences. 

How To Choose The Kitchen Sink For Your Needs

By first assessing your needs for you kitchen sink choice, you can guarantee you will make a decision that you will be happy with. Ask yourself: Do you often wash dishes by hand? Do you have more than one person cooking and using the sink at once? Do you have large pots that need a deep basin? 

Once you start to determine your needs, you can better choose the size and measurements. When it comes to materials, you will have numerous choices, including metal, porcelain, composite, and countless others. If you work with a professional remodeler, they can outline the benefits of each of these materials. 

Contact The Kitchen Showcase to find out more about the importance of choosing the right kitchen sink. 

Create Light And Space In Windowless Bathrooms

Even small windowless spaces can be brightened using the right techniques.

Do you ever find that some areas of your home tend to be a little darker and cold? Sometimes if you have multiple rooms throughout your home, you may find that it feels a bit lifeless. While you can attempt to renovate the space to add more lighting, there are also other ways to fix this issue simply. 

If you have a bathroom design that does not feel bright and airy, you most likely need a remodel. While you can try simple DIY tricks, usually having a professional come in and assess the space is the best primary step to take. 

Glass and mirrors will reflect light.
Glass and mirrors will reflect light.

The Challenge Of Windowless Space

One of the most prominent challenges designers face are rooms with no windows. As light is a necessary element for any stylish and pleasing room, it can sometimes be hard to recreate this light if you don’t have windows. Light is needed to bring out the other style elements throughout the room. If you have a gorgeous patterned wallpaper but no light to accentuate it, your efforts are going unnoticed. 

To bring light back into windowless spaces, you are going to have to utilize some expert techniques. Bathroom remodeling in Denver is often made more accessible by working with a team of specialists who can assess your space and figure out the best way to bring in more light. 

3 Ways To Create More Light

  1. Paint the walls a color that reflects lights rather than absorbs it. White is an excellent option for windowless bathrooms as they will reflect all the light, and you add pops of color when selecting accent finishes. 
  2. Using mirrors and glass to reflect light is an extremely effective way to brighten your bathroom design. 
  3. Add custom lighting that accentuates the style elements within your bathroom and are strategically placed in coordination with the glass and mirrors. 

As most of these techniques require bathroom remodeling in Denver, you will have the most success working with a professional remodeler. 

Contact Kitchen Showcase to find out how we can elevate your next renovation. 

Open Shelving vs. Cabinets For Your Kitchen

Shelving is a great way to showcase beautiful dishes and can make your kitchen feel more modern.

When renovating your home, it is essential to make the right choices in order to not have mistakes down the line that cause you to regret the decisions. As styles have changed throughout time, sometimes it can be challenging to figure out what to choose for your home.

Choosing kitchen cabinets is one of the most important decisions for these types of remodels. While there are tons of different cabinet types, you may also want to choose from having shelves throughout the space to showcase your dishes, rather than hide them.

Aesthetics vs. Practical Pros and Cons

Having shelving instead of cabinetry presents a plethora of benefits, but sometimes it is not always practical. Shelves are great for homeowners who have fine dishwares and items that they want to showcase. If you have a six-person family, with tons of mismatched dishes, it is more practical to have these hidden behind a stylish cabinet.

Shelves also take up less space than kitchen cabinets and tends to make space feel more open, rather than cramped. However, if you already have a small space, you want to use the available walls for cabinets to fit more of your things.

Try Both: Mixing Shelves With Cabinets

Depending on the size of your kitchen, you may be able to combine shelves with cabinets.
Shelving or cabinets?

Combing both shelves with cabinetry is an excellent way to showcase some of your items, while keeping things like food and packaged goods hidden. If you decide on shelving, you want to make sure you aren’t cluttering them as it can make your entire space feel messier. You should reserve shelf space for items that accentuate the other style elements throughout the space.

When combining, opt for a contrast between your shelves and cabinetry. Dark wood shelves against a light backsplash, complemented by light-colored cabinetry, can have a lasting impact.

If you want assistance with your kitchen design in Denver, call us today. We can streamline the process and make you feel more confident about your decisions.