When you design your kitchen, you want to think about elements that are functional and appealing. Get inspiration from current trends, but always stay true to your taste and needs. Customization will never go out of style. Here are fashion-forward kitchen trends that are both fashionable and functional.

Two principals of kitchen design

The two significant principals of good kitchen design are function and beauty. With every design choice, ask yourself, if that choice either adds a necessary function or if you think it adds to the decor. If it doesn’t fit into those two categories, then leave it out of your kitchen. The best design is when every item in your kitchen is both functional and beautiful.

Kitchen design
Make shelving both fashionable and functional.

Functional and fashionable

You don’t want your kitchen design to be too busy, so finding elements that are both fashionable and functional will help you streamline your design and keep it simple. If you can make your choices check both the functional and the fashionable boxes, then you’re going to end up with a kitchen design that is timeless.

Clever storage

Find clever ways to create storage spaces in your kitchen, utilizing every inch of your kitchen to maximize the space.

Custom kitchen cabinets

Find beautiful and exciting ways to conceal storage areas with custom cabinetry. You can also make a statement with your storage by using contrasting materials like glass and metal to highlight and show off a functional aspect of the kitchen. Add fashion to the function of custom kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen backsplash
Smart storage and beautiful backsplash are fashion-forward kitchen trends.

Artistic backsplashes

Backsplashes are functional, catching dirt and food grease on an easy to wipe and clean surface. However, you can create a piece of art with a backsplash. Make it both functional and fashionable.
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