So, previously we addressed the subject of how your kitchen’s countertop, naturally suffers from the multiple purposes we have for our kitchen.
We also analyzed different actions and techniques you can apply in order to keep your countertops nice and shiny all the time.
Now, because all countertops are different and they come in a wide range of materials and styles, we were emphatic in the importance of knowing your countertop and its materials before applying any cleaning products.
On our previous post, we went over stone made countertops, such as granite, marble and quartz. Today, we would like to conclude the subject and discuss the techniques and procedures to keep clean and avoid stains on countertops made of other materials such as steel and concrete.

Avanti 1The Right Way

Before saying anything, we would like to remind you that no matter what happens, always try to clean any spills at once. The longer it stays sit, the harder it would be to clean it.


Concrete is a great option of countertop material because of its versatility and wide range of styles and colors. Concrete’s two main ingredients (sand and water) are abundant, and recycled materials like glass can be included in the mixture as well, making its surface eco friendly.
You can clean concrete surfaces, by using a mixture of vinegar and water. Avoid abrasive soaps and cleaning solutions containing harsh chemicals. Abrasive pads and sponges can damage the surface as well.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is very sensitive to the atmosphere, and when it’s exposed to harsh chemicals or materials, it can become permanently damaged. Nonetheless, it is a very popular choice.
To keep its modern and shinny look regularly wash the surface with warm water and a small amount of baking soda. Always thoroughly dry your countertops after cleaning to prevent water spots. Leaving wet materials on a surface will lead to discoloration.
nav-firstMineral deposits can be extremely tough to clean on stainless steel. Use a small amount of vinegar and rinse with water to remove these deposits. Avoid abrasive materials like steel wool. Rough cloths or pads will scratch the surface and ruin stainless steel’s reflective finish.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic titles counters have the particular quality that unlike most other surfaces, it can take the heat from hot pots and pans. –A pretty handy attribute for the kitchen.
Ceramic tiles are extremely durable, but the grout between them is soft, porous and prone to cracks. To keep the ceramic countertop clean, use a toothbrush or nailbrush to scrub grout. To remove mildew, dip the brush in household bleach. Rinse with water to finish the job.
We have already discussed several suggestions and cleaning tips for at least 7 different kitchen countertops made of diverse materials, but we still have more cleaning tips for other types of countertop materials. Follow us on our next posts until we reach yours.