We’ve got some great ideas for designing a farmhouse kitchen. A farmhouse kitchen can be full of antique and reclaimed materials, but you can easily add modern touches. In fact, the more you blend modern and rustic elements, the more personal your farmhouse kitchen becomes.

The farmhouse style

A farmhouse kitchen is often open, bright, warm, and functional. There are various textures and materials to make it feel both homey and sophisticated. You want to balance light colors with natural elements, brass and metal fixtures, mixed with softer elements. The farmhouse style kitchen is an open plan that has zones implemented to make it functional, but also surprising elements to make it interesting.

Modern farmhouse kitchen
A modern farmhouse style kitchen with deep brown hardwood floors next to white cabinets and metal light fixtures.


Natural tones with white cabinets

We often associate a farmhouse kitchen with warm wood tones all around. However, the classic white cabinets next to deep brown hardwood floors and a few natural wood tones will blend the modern, clean design with a bit of country. Adding some elegant countertops in natural stone makes your farmhouse feel both warm and luxurious.

Cheerful Colors

If you have a lot of wood elements in your kitchen and everything is becoming very earth-toned, make the kitchen a bit more cheerful by having brightly colored cabinets. But, be careful. Don’t add too many bright colors, and place them strategically so that they add a bit of cheerfulness, without overpowering the warmth and comfort of a farm style kitchen. A bit of cheerful yellow or bright red to add a pop of color can add some vibrancy to your design.

Modern farmhouse kitchen
Use a lot of rustic and earthy tones and materials in a modern farmhouse kitchen.

Copper and black fixtures

Earthy elements are a staple when designing a farm style kitchen. Look at knobs and pulls for your cabinets and drawers that are made of matte black iron or copper tones. A farmhouse kitchen needs to be tough and durable, but still elegant in design. Using metals will add a strong industrial vibe to offset some of the softer, natural elements. It’s a nice contrast that will add some visual excitement.


Look at layering your light fixtures, adding some rustic hanging lamps in copper with recessed lighting. And, remember to include spotlighting to light up certain areas that need more lights. You need extra light in areas where you are prepping and cooking. You also need to think about lighting in your cabinets to make it easier to find your things. Layered lighting, as well as different types of bulbs, can create the right mood in your farmhouse kitchen.

Personal touches and wood accents

The final accomplishment in a farmhouse kitchen is personal elements. Signs, pictures, and frames that have been handmade should be hung in the kitchen to add a “lived in” and personal touch. But, keep it simple. Choose just a few rustic elements, and try to stick to materials that go well with the rest of the kitchen. Look for things in wood or metal to go with the rest of your design choices.

Design dream kitchen
Create functional spaces in our farmhouse kitchen.

Functional Spaces

Finally, the layout of your farmhouse kitchen should be open and functional. Make sure there are functional spaces where you do your prepping, cooking, entertaining, homework, etc. You want to make the kitchen a place where family and friends gather, where memories are made, but also where you can cook comfortably.
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