Creating a cohesive kitchen design requires attention to detail. Working with a specialist will always help you choose the correct details; however, you also want to add in your unique flair.

One aspect of the kitchen that sometimes is overlooked is the hardware. Some people spend countless hours and tons of money choosing the right cabinetry, but then fail to choose hardware that flows with the overall kitchen design

Outlined below are some tips you can implement to integrate kitchen hardware with the flow of the design.

Integrate All of Your Kitchen Hardware

All of your kitchen hardware, including the faucet and sink, knobs, and pulls, should be similar. You can integrate them by using the same materials and colors. For example, if you choose a matte black faucet, you may also want to choose a minimal matte black handle for your cupboards. 

Also, if you want a modern kitchen, you may want to choose cabinets with no hardware. By matching styles, you can create cohesion in your kitchen design.

Integrating Hardware Creates a Sleek, Modern, and Minimalistic Appeal

Create flow by integrating hardware.

When you integrate hardware, it will create a sleek modern minimalistic appeal. You can also use the direction of your molding and cabinetry as a guide. These more prominent design elements and some of your other appliances and furniture can inspire the type of hardware you should add to your cabinetry and drawers.

For example, if you have ornate moldings on your ceiling, you may want to choose a detailed vintage type knob for your cabinetry and drawers. 

If you work with an expert designer and kitchen specialist, they will help you choose hardware that flows with the overall design.

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