Kitchen storage should look good, make a statement, and be functional. Even the simplest cabinet can be a work of functional art. Here’s how to make your kitchen cabinets the star of your kitchen.

Choosing kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinetsTo make the cabinets the star of your kitchen you need to blend fashion and function. When cabinets are perfectly fitted to your kitchen and your needs, they will add calm and comfort to your kitchen. When things are custom built and fitted it will add to the positive energy in the kitchen. For odd spaces or special kitchen equipment, think about having some cabinets customized.

Adding layers and dimension

Use your cabinets to add layers and dimension to your kitchen. You want to play with size, shapes, and texture to breathe life into your kitchen. If everything is all the same, the kitchen will feel dull and two-dimensional. Using a variety of cabinets and storage spaces, as well as other types of storage like drawers and shelves will make it a more interesting visual.


Something as simple as unique and interesting hardware on your cabinets can make your cabinets the star of the kitchen. However, you don’t just want to choose hardware that looks good in your kitchen, you need to choose hardware that is also functional. Before you choose a pull or knob, make sure you get to hold and pull to ensure that it feels comfortable. Hardware can elevate the appeal of your cabinets.

Cabinet doors

A simple cabinet can be made extraordinary by choosing the right cabinet door style. Depending on the rest of the decor and architecture, there are cabinet doors to match every decorative style. You can also vary your cabinet doors, using some solid, and some with glass to further play with texture and dimension. Another popular trend is to have one statement in your kitchen and using a rustic, custom designed barn door instead of a cabinet door will really catch the eye and make your cabinets a functional piece of art.
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