The kitchen is so much more than the place you do your cooking. Today, the kitchen is a multi-functional hub in the home. It’s what connects everything. Connectivity is one of the key trends in modern kitchen design. Here are a few ways to upgrade and modernize your kitchen.

Technology in the kitchen

Modernize and upgrade your kitchenDesign trends are all about efficiency and simplicity. Technology is making a huge splash in kitchen design. The internet of things is taking over your kitchen, allowing homeowners to communicate with their devices and appliances. Knowing when you’re running low on groceries so you can stop at the store before heading home is a great time saver. Similarly, adding sensors to faucets and lights will automatically save water and energy. The smart, technologically advanced kitchen is one of the biggest trends in kitchen design.

Clean lines, simple design

When it comes to kitchen color trends, white is still number one. For a little contrast, grays are also a big favorite. Keeping a clean simple color palette will allow you to play a little with a few accent pieces or splashes of color.

Shelves and drawers

Many modern kitchens are getting rid of the top cabinets and putting in drawers instead of bottom cabinets. Drawers are much more convenient and easy to access than cabinets. Removing top cabinets and putting in shelves will make the kitchen feel more open and bright. However, the main reason that the cabinets are changing is that of efficiency. Design your cabinets, drawers, and shelving to suit your storage needs. You should always balance function and fashion.Kitchen design trends

Rustic and natural elements

Be careful not to upgrade and modernize your kitchen to the point where it loses its warmth and charm. Keep the farmhouse feel with rustic elements made from natural materials. Keep wood beams exposed, add a wood wall or backsplash, or use a rustic barn door on your pantry, or instead of traditional cabinets doors.
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