The smaller the kitchen, the more important it is to organize. Organizing a small kitchen makes use of every inch of space, while still using the space, as open and free of clutter as possible. Here’s how to make the best use of the little space you have to make your tiny kitchen a dream kitchen. 

Organizing Essentials

When it comes to organizing a tiny kitchen, how you utilize cabinets and drawers will make all the difference. We often misuse the space we have in our storage units. You have to start thinking creatively so that you can take advantage of unused space. The types of storage you choose can also make better and more efficient use of the small space, without compromising style. Using every inch of space doesn’t mean you have to have wall-to-wall cabinets and cluttered countertops. Freeing up space on the walls and your countertops isn’t wasting space because the effect has a purpose and is necessary to make a small space feel open and airy. 

Utilize the space inside all of the cabinets and drawers to free up floor and counter space.

Cabinet Doors

Many times we forget about the space that we have on the back of cabinet doors. You may be able to hang cooking utensils or other items on the inside of the door instead of having them on the countertop. 

Making room for the trash can under the sink, or even hanging on the back of a lower cabinet door is an efficient use of space that simultaneously frees up space in the kitchen. 

Kitchen Drawers

Organizational units for kitchen drawers will make smart use of the space in each drawer. Working in the kitchen is also going to be more efficient if everything in each drawer is organized. Often, the back of each cabinet is useless because it is difficult to reach and see what is stored there. Having big deep drawers instead of cabinets is also a much more efficient use of space. That enables you to store things in the back and still be able to reach each item when you pull out the drawer. 

Hanging Cooking Utensils

To free up counter space and cabinet space, hanging pots and pans from the ceiling will add some warmth and a cozy and artistic design effect. Another useful way to hang things is the magnetic knife strip that hangs on the wall. 

Drawer organizational units are essential to create space and flow in a tiny kitchen.

Adding Space and Creating Flow

Anytime you can free up counter space or floor space is a good design move. If your floor is open and your countertops are clear, you will create the illusion of a much bigger kitchen with a much better flow. The more you can create smart storage to hide and store most of your kitchenware; the more tranquil the atmosphere will be when you step in the kitchen. Creating a clean, clear, and comfortable space to work in will make your kitchen more enjoyable and visually appealing.

Talk to professional kitchen designers about the best ways to organize and utilize the space in a tiny kitchen.