Having a freestanding tub in your bathroom is going to be a major focal point. A freestanding tub says that you have the luxury of having enough space, and also the luxury of having the time to relax and soak your troubles away. However, there are considerations you need to make so that the free-standing tub isn’t just decorative, but functional, as well.

When to get a freestanding tub?

A freestanding tub is only effective if you have enough space in your bathroom. You don’t want to have to bend and twist around your tub that’s taking up way too much space. A freestanding tub should be free, and shouldn’t obstruct the flow of your bathroom. However, if you have space, a freestanding tub is the ultimate show of bathroom luxury.Freestanding tub

Creating storage space

The problem with a freestanding tub is that it doesn’t come with storage space or counter space. Designing built-in storage space in your bathroom that will make your tub experience more functional, without taking away from the simplicity or the freedom of the tub, is important. You will need to find decorative ways to get your bath products within reach, as well as a towel once you’re done. There are storage units that hang on the tub, but that will ruin the overall effect. If you’re going to hang and add a bunch of stuff to your tub, you might as well get a built-in tub instead.

Decorative Storage

A freestanding tub is mostly going to be for days when you have time to relax and pamper yourself. For that, you won’t need to have a ton of products nearby. You just need to draw the bath using soothing oils, and then put the products away in their designated storage area, get in the tub and then let your troubles soak away. Not having too much clutter around the tub will add to the zen-like ambiance you want to create. A decorative item near the freestanding tub, something with a bit of a ledge or surface area – like a cute little stool or piece of furniture – is perfect for lighting a candle and laying your towel. Having a towel nearby is the only thing you really need.Custom bathroom storage

Custom built-in bathroom storage

To free your freestanding tub from clutter you want to design plenty of custom built-in storage in other areas of the bathroom. Custom designing will make the bathroom feel more organized and calm, and you can create storage that fits all of your unique needs. You may not need to add storage around your freestanding tub, but you will need it to make your bathroom functional. If your bathroom isn’t functional, then all the luxury elements will lose their glamour.
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