If you’re fortunate enough to have enough space, the kitchen island can be both decorative and functional. There are several styles of kitchen islands. To find the perfect kitchen island, talk to a designer about what style will work in your kitchen, and also, what functions you need the kitchen island to fulfill.

Choosing a kitchen island
Choose the kitchen island style that fits your kitchen needs.

Right style of kitchen island

When you’re choosing a kitchen island you need to think about the style that will fit your kitchen, but you also need to be realistic about what the island needs to be able to do. Whether you’re just looking for more counter space or you want it to be fully loaded with all the amenities, a kitchen counter can be both a statement piece and a tool to make your kitchen flow more smoothly.

Kitchen islands for small spaces

If you have a small kitchen you may not want a kitchen island to take up space. However, every kitchen needs more storage and counter space. A kitchen island doesn’t have to be stationary. You can customize a kitchen island that is movable and can be tucked away when not in use. For a stationary kitchen island, have it custom made to perfectly fit the space available.

Kitchen Island Table
Kitchen island table is a great way to combine a dining area with more counter space.


Kitchen islands as dinner tables

Instead of a separate dining area in the kitchen, make your kitchen island both a countertop and a dining table. For a kitchen that needs more counter space, but you don’t need the extra storage space that an island can provide, the kitchen island table is a perfect choice.

Kitchen islands that adds storage space

Let’s face it, somehow we always end up with so much stuff in the kitchen. There are gadgets for just about everything, and we want them all. A kitchen island can add much-needed storage space. You can have built-in cabinets, drawers, shelves, and hanging hooks. The more you customize your kitchen island, the more functional it will be and will have custom storage space that is uniquely designed for your kitchen.

Choosing kitchen islan
Fully functional kitchen island with plenty of storage, counter space, and a sink.

Kitchen islands with all the bells and whistles

Take full advantage of your kitchen island by adding all the bells and whistles. Every inch of space below the countertops is utilized for storage. The countertops expand beyond the area of the island to allow for stools, that way people can sit more comfortably around the kitchen island. The extra counter space that a kitchen island provides is super useful, but adding a kitchen sink and a conveniently located garbage or compost will make your kitchen a chefs dream kitchen. If you have the room, make your kitchen island fully functional.
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