That’s right! We are just days away from listening to little devils and witches knocking at our doors, threatening to cast spells on us, unless we share some sweets and goodies with them. 
Like good Americans, we all try to catch the evil spirit and prepare ourselves for the scary night. It is not just a matter of picking up a custom and helping your kids with theirs. It also requires a spooky environment.
Here are some easy and affordable ideas that we found surfing on the web and might give you some hints on how to transform your kitchen and home into a living nightmare… Do you dare?

Brian 2Table or Countertop

Tables and countertops are excellent spaces to place spooky decorations. Of course, consider the fact that you need this space to cook and eat, so try not to overload it. Think of easy and small adornments, such as: Candles and pumpkins.
Different sizes of pumpkins are useful. You should always take the big one and carve a scary face and place a candle inside. You can also paint 3 mid size pumpkins white, and spell “boo”, on them. Then, set black or silver candles around it.
With a white nylon string or other similar material, you can build a spider web for the candles and pumpkins to sit on. Black spider webs are also scary.

Fridge and Kitchen

Your refrigerator and your kitchen oven are excellent spots to place black paper spiders. You can also draw and cut a paper spider web to place them on. You can also try other insects or animals like ants, bats or cockroaches.
Another good idea is to cut some big paper eyes and mouth and place them on your oven and create a ghostly or monstrous kitchen. Just be careful it doesn’t bite you back.

Empty Jars

We all have empty jars in our kitchen. You can use these, as scary decorations, by placing a toy spider or a black paper spider inside it. Then, place your spooky jar at the tabletop, near a fireplace or anywhere you wish.

TKSI traditional kitchen portfolio dark crest woodRubber Gloves

How about a dead man’s hand? Just take a rubber kitchen  glove and fill it with paper, paint it pink and then put some red blood on it. Place it anywhere you want, a butcher’s knife could go well along with it.

Witch Legs

These are great and very easy to create. Just grab a couple of long striped socks and place them on the table legs. Then, put two pairs of pointy women shoes. Just be careful it doesn’t run away.
Using the same technique you can fill the long socks with paper or a tree branch and place the witch legs under the fridge, house or anywhere else you think the smashed witch illusion works.

Dry Branches

Dry branches are excellent spooky adornments. Look for a flower vase and place some dry branches on it. Tie black string and small black spiders on it. You won’t be able to get near it without feeling they are all over you.
These are just a few affordable ideas to make a scary environment for your home, but there are hundreds even thousands of ideas out there you can use to create a spooky kitchen this Halloween. It is just a matter of letting your imagination flow and make your worst nightmares real. Happy haunting!