When you remodel your home, you tend to think “big picture.” Once you have the big items that will create the base of your interior design, you have to think about little decorative details that will make the entire house come alive. Here are small decorative elements that can take your home to another level.

Decorative Details

One decorative detail in every room can make everything pop. It doesn’t have to be a big statement piece. Sometimes, the most significant impact can be a tiny, subtle detail. It’s also the little details that you can continue throughout the home for cohesive interior design.

Advantages of built-in furniture

Three-Dimensional Design

Look at the big items in your home, cabinets, furniture, wallpaper and look for subtle characteristics that you can draw out and highlight. Your floors, furniture, or kitchen cabinets may have a subtle grain pattern, texture, or hue that you can draw out and highlight using other decorative things. Pull these aesthetics into the room for a three-dimensional design effect by having small decorative items that share the same tones or textures.

Decorative Pillows

One of the simplest ways to take subtle aesthetic characteristics and make them big is a decorative pillow. No room in the house can’t be enhanced with a few decorative pillows. Pillows can add a pop of color, an interesting pattern or texture, that will breathe some life to the room. Decorative pillows are like sprinkling a little fairy dust throughout the home.

Outdoor kitchen

Contrasting elements

Sometimes the best way to highlight a decorative feature is to add something contrasting. Contrasting doesn’t mean that the elements are fighting each other; they are working together to highlight and enhance each other. Think about decorative hardware in the kitchen. Using heavy and dark hardware on light and natural kitchen cabinets can have a bold and dramatic effect, where both the lightness of the cabinets and the darkness of the hardware draw out the best qualities in each other. Opposites attract in interior design, as well as in life.

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