There’s something to be said for a shiny new kitchen. However, that doesn’t mean that you want all your materials to shine literally. It’s easy to get caught up on one single surface when designing a kitchen, but mixing textures in your kitchen design will give it a bit of an edge.

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Using contrasting textures, like wood and metal in the same design will give your kitchen an edge.

Avoid Using Only Glossy Surfaces

It can be easy to get caught up in glossy finishes. After all, they’re so pretty. Glossy cupboard finishes, shiny appliances, and polished stone countertops are a classic choice but think about adding a few matte textures and design elements to break up the shiny ones.
Playing with texture will make the design more attractive. Modern kitchen design trends are all using more matte finishes, as well as varying up textures.
Of course, you have to be smart about your choices. Because too many textures will overwhelm the design. You need just the right amount of variance to make it attractive and cool.

Mixing Textures

Be creative when designing your kitchen. Make sure it reflects your personality, and don’t be afraid to play, especially when it comes to texture. Adding matching and contrasting design elements, like matte metal cabinets mixed with classic wood elements, or choosing a matte finish on the cabinets but leaving the appliances shiny, can give your kitchen an architectural design feel.

Rustic and Modern

mix and match textures and surfaces
Mix contrasting textures in your kitchen design

Just because mixing textures is a modern design trend doesn’t mean that you can’t add rustic elements into a modern kitchen.
Exposing brick or natural wood can add a rustic element to break up the modern design features. And, having an exposed brick backsplash or allowing the wood beams in your home to show can add warmth to an edgy kitchen.

Kitchen Design Showcase in Denver

Visit our kitchen showroom in Centennial to see first hand how playing with textures in a kitchen can enhance the design, make your kitchen more modern, and more interesting. Our designers can help you work with the textures and materials that speak to you, putting them together into a cohesive and functional kitchen.
We’ll know when to go big, and when to reign it in, so that your kitchen isn’t one big jumble of matching and contrasting elements. Come to the showroom and talk to a kitchen designer about your kitchen remodel project.