We’ve sprung into spring, which means it’s time for that annual cleaning. There are probably many places in your home that need a little love and attention, but there’s one room that needs to be organized more than others. Organizing your kitchen can revitalize your entire home.

Organizing your kitchen

Organizing your kitchenThe kitchen is the most used room in the home and the room that is the most multi-functional. Because the kitchen serves so many purposes, there is a tendency to gather too much stuff. Before we know it, every drawer is a “messy drawer,” and your cabinets are filling up with things that are never used.

Get rid of repeat gadgets and tools

There are some things in the kitchen that require more than one, like plates and utensils. However, when we replace kitchen gadgets or get new devices that make old ones obsolete, we don’t throw out the old, we start to double up on things. We place great sentimental value on kitchen gadgets, but do you need five vegetable peelers?

Easier with a Knife

Infomercials are incredibly effective. If you don’t believe us, take a look in your kitchen and tell us how many task-specific gadgets you have lying around. That garlic chopper may have seemed incredibly simple and effective on TV, but in real life, it becomes a nuisance. Most gadgets that promise to be more effective in the kitchen only create a bigger mess and more stuff to clean.
The truth is, there are few gadgets out there that help you chop, slice, and dice better than a sharp kitchen knife. Do not be afraid to get rid of all of these gadgets and free up some much-needed space in drawers and cabinets.Organizing your kitchen

Repurposing old kitchen stuff

Before we picked out grown-up china and silverware, we tended to fill our cabinets with mismatched plates, bowls, cups, and glasses. These are the ones that have followed us since our dorm room days. We know that chipped coffee cup from your favorite diner has sentimental value, but does it really need to take up space in your cabinets.

Parts Missing

That gadget you have, or jar, or container that feels like it has life left, but is missing an essential part – like a lid – should be taken out of the rotation. They certainly shouldn’t be taking up precious space in your kitchen.
Just like cracked or mismatched items in your cabinets, find new purposes for things that are no longer whole or useful in the kitchen. Use containers without lids as storage space in your kid’s room for crayons or toys. Use old coffee mugs as pen holders in the office. You don’t have to throw them out, but you do need to consider if they have another purpose outside of their original use. If not, then get rid of it. If it can be recycled, then be sure to recycle.

Designate space for each item

By creating a designated space for all items in your kitchen you are more likely to keep it organized. When everything has a place, your kitchen will feel calmer, and the energy will be more positive. You will be much happier working in your kitchen if it is organized.

New Kitchen

A freshly organized kitchen will give it new life and make it feel like you just got a brand new kitchen. Organizing your kitchen is a good first step to a full kitchen remodel. Once you weed out all the old and useless items you get a better sense of the full potential of your kitchen.
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