It’s easy to get hung up on making the most beautiful kitchen possible with your Colorado remodel, to the point where you miss a lot of the key details. Here are some of the practical fundamentals you don’t want to forget.

Basic Advice

Custom Kitchen

One ideal way to start in terms of a practical remodel is making sure that you put together a temporary kitchen first. Remember, you won’t have access to appliances and other items during the remodel proper. The good news is that you can use some of the items that are getting replaced to help here. For example, if you’re getting rid of countertops and cabinets, use them to build up a temporary kitchen. Appearance doesn’t really matter here, just having something functional to store items. Toaster ovens, microwaves, mini fridges, all of these make a nice makeshift option.

When you’re making a remodel more practical, it’s also important to find ways to maximize your space. Backsplash racks are one way to do this, but you can also help preserve what you have by using pull-down racks. These are nice because it makes it easier to access kitchen tools and other items without bulkier options like knife holders and spice racks. If you’re not cooking, you can simply swing these up against the bottom of your cabinet. These can be brought pre-made, or you can build your own.

Additional Support

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