Congratulations! You managed to survive Thanksgiving cooking. Now Christmas is getting closer by day. It is essential to be one step ahead of the holidays and get ready for any unexpected situation. If you stay organized and prepare on time, your dinner parties for friends and family can be fun and memorable. Let your kitchen be remembered for all the good reasons, not for the tragic memories of things gone wrong.


Great design and great looks =
An amazing kitchen ready to host

Before even thinking of your menu, you need to get your kitchen in shape and this means an extensive cleaning and organizing. Let’s start with the macro cleaning and help you get your amazing kitchen looking very presentable.
First of all, remove the clutter from tables and countertops. Organize any pending mail and bills that may still be piled on your counters, and put away all important papers. You don’t want your guests finding a reason to offer you “sharp economic suggestions” in front of your parents and in-laws. Nor do you want an important note lost in a pile of dirty napkins.  Don’t have the kids do it. If you want this one thing done right for this one day of the year, make time to do it yourself.

Show off your great looking countertops

Thoroughly clean your table and countertops. Remember our tips on how to avoid stains from your kitchen countertops. You’ll have lots of family members over and spills should not ruin the evening for you.
Cool idea with a fake fire place built into the design from Masterbrands
This should get you started. But we have more suggestions to help you clean your kitchen and proudly receive your guests to the holiday party.
Get ready for the cooking and avoid last minute issues during the event, like cooking by new recipes that you haven’t tried before by yourself.
Don’t forget to address any source of unpleasant smells in your kitchen. For instance, trash cans. Go outside and wash them out with a pressure hose and some dish soap. Disinfect all bins with a cleaning spray and make sure you have extra trash bags, too. You will need them!
Feeling ready to show off your beautiful kitchen? If you’re not too proud of that part of the house, let’s add a full kitchen remodel to your New Year’s Resolutions