When doing a kitchen remodel, be sure to plan for plenty of custom storage space. Next to counter space, storage space is one of the most necessary things in a kitchen. The great thing about having a kitchen designed for your needs is that you can get exactly the type of storage you need, with the only limit being available kitchen space. 

In the world of custom cabinets, there are many unique storage options.

Custom Storage Options

In the world of custom cabinets, there are many unique storage options. Thin vertical pullout cabinets that hold all your utensils on a pegboard, for instance, or a shelf that holds a stand mixer and folds into a cabinet when not in use. When it comes to designing custom cabinets, there is almost no end to the number of options you can have. 

A great way to add storage in smaller spaces is to make it multifunctional. A bench around the breakfast nook can double as storage under the seat, for instance. Another interesting storage trick is a custom-designed toe kick under the cabinets that hides a drawer for the pet’s dishes. 

Done well, your kitchen storage will elevate the aesthetic of your kitchen while also serving a functional purpose. 

Before visiting your kitchen designer, it can be helpful to take note of what your current kitchen lacks and what types of storage you’d like to have in your new kitchen. This information will help your designer come up with the ideal kitchen for your needs. 

In addition to looking great, well-designed custom cabinets in your kitchen with plenty of custom storage will also make you feel better, as you will be able to hide away things that would otherwise become clutter. 

For those who feel anxious around clutter, this can lead to a calmer, happier home. 

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