Every year brings new color trends. Being fashion forward is the life-blood of interior designers, and that includes knowing which colors are out, which colors are in, and which colors will be trending in the future. Knowing “what’s next” in fashion and interior design is part of our service to our customers so that you will always be at the forefront of the latest interior design trends.

Color trends
Earthy woodland tones are trending in interior design.

Interior design trends

Interior design trends tend to follow our lifestyle trends. We see a move towards simple, natural, and minimalistic style trends that go hand in hand with the growing socially and environmentally conscious lifestyle trends. The styles we see are personalized, streamlined, organic, and efficient, and the color trends are an extension of that trend.

Pantone color of the year

Popular paint brands will release their color of the year, and 2019 is no different. The most anticipated color of the year comes from Pantone. This year, the Pantone color of the year is Living Coral, which perfectly embodies the eco-conscious consumer on a few levels. One, Coral has many tones that can be dissected and separated giving each customer a chance to personalize the color of the year to fit their home. Two, Living Coral is a vibrant and uplifting color that brings light, life, and positive energy to any room in the home, particularly the kitchen. Three, Living Coral reminds us that our planet, including the coral reef, is being threatened by climate change, and that we all need to make eco-conscious choices in our lives.

More trendy colors for 2019

Color of the year
Coral tones are hot in 2019.

Other paint brands are also releasing their colors of the year, and they follow the same organic trend: woodland shades and natural hues. Sherwin-Williams is all about bringing the shades of the woods straight into your home. However, this year, woodland shades aren’t so much taken from the trees and the flowers, but rather the darker, more earthy tones of mushrooms growing on the forest floor. Bring in subtle gray and beige tones mixed with warm brown shades to make your home organic chic.

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