When you move into a new house, it’s understood that you are taking over a space that has been used before. However, there are some things that you want to be new, like the bathroom. Remodeling the bathroom when you are selling is one of the most profitable projects.

Remodeling the bathroom before selling

The return on a remodeled bathroom is incredible. Many sellers will see a return of almost 60% on a remodeled bathroom. When people buy a new home, there is nothing more attractive than a sparkling new bathroom. Knowing that you will be the first people to use the bathroom has a positive psychological effect. Plus, you can make modern upgrades that are attractive to any buyer.

Master Bathroom design
Clean, modern design and a freestanding tub for a luxurious bathroom remodel.

Modern upgrades

Make the bathroom as spacious and efficient as possible. Clean, minimalistic design is a modern-day favorite. Make it luxurious and open, giving people enough space to feel comfortable and relaxed in the bathroom. Built-in and thoughtfully designed storage is a must. Make it efficient, so that everything flows.

Luxury items

A freestanding tub is a luxury item that will make the bathroom feel much more expensive and grand. Enhance the glamour with a double sink and natural stone countertops. Adding natural elements will make the bathroom feel like a sanctuary, relaxed, and stress-free. The efficiency of the double sink will also appeal to buyers. The cherry on top, or the bottom, is going to be in-floor heating. Lighting can also enhance the ambiance, as well as the efficiency of the bathroom.

Remodel bathroom
Add character with tiled flooring.

Tiled backsplash and flooring

Keep the color scheme bright and straightforward. Add a bit of drama and character with a tiled wall or backsplash, just like in the kitchen. Tiles are also easy to maintain and clean, and can easily handle fluctuating moisture and temperatures. Tile flooring can also add some character and unique flair to a sleek, modern remodeled bathroom.

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