Back before automatic dishwashers became a kitchen staple, Colorado homeowners installed double-bowl sinks. Users used one compartment for washing dishes, while the other was used to rinse and dry dishes. As sensible as this is, many people don’t consider double sinks completely necessary anymore now that almost every home in the country has an automated washer. But new technologies aside, should homeowners still consider a double-sink in their kitchens? Or is it better to stick with the ever-popular single-bowl sinks that are appearing in newly renovated kitchens today? 

Take a look at the pros and cons of each, and see which one is the best fit for your kitchen.

Single-Bowl Sinks


-They’re a better fit for small kitchens. If you’re looking for a sink to install in your kitchenette or condo, a single-bowl sink will provide more counter space. 

-Single-bowl sinks often have bigger bowls, which makes it easier for users to wash larger items like roasting pans, or pasta pots. 

-The larger space of a single-bowl sink means you can store dirty pots and pans as you cook, so your kitchen stays organized.


-Single-bowl sinks are essentially one-use-only when it comes to doing any kind of work in the kitchen. If your sink is full of dishes, it can be a little difficult to fill up a pot, a glass, or a vase with water. Even washing your hands can be a bit of a challenge, unless you clear the sink first.

– If you have a garbage disposal, you won’t be able to access it unless your sink is clear of water or dishes. 

Double-Bowl Sinks

Remodeling the kitchen
Double-bowl sinks are popular among home owners for their versatility.


-They’re a great way to wash dishes by hand. One compartment can be used for washing while the other can be used for drying. 

-Double-bowl sinks can be used for dual tasks. While one side may be used to store used pots, the other can be used for food prep. 

-Your garbage disposal will always be accessible, so long as you dedicate the other sink to washing and storage. 


-They can take up quite a lot of counter space, which isn’t ideal for those with smaller kitchens.

-Despite their capacity to take up more counter space, the individual sink components themselves are smaller, meaning it’s harder to wash larger items.

-They can be more expensive than single-bowl sinks, though prices will always vary depending on the make and model. 

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