Everyone is putting efficiency and technology front and center in modern kitchen design. The more purposes that your kitchen serves, the more minimalistic the design has gotten. Simple and effective design will allow your kitchen to fulfill the growing social aspects of a modern kitchen. Once you have brilliantly customized your cabinets, you can start to make choices based on aesthetics.

Modern design trends
Don’t be afraid to add a dark, bold color to break up the white.

Aesthetic kitchen design trends

Just because we want our kitchens to be efficient and functional, that doesn’t mean that we can’t consider style and aesthetics. Colors and textures may not serve a physical purpose or make it easier to prepare a homecooked meal, but the aesthetic choices may impact the mood and the ambiance of the kitchen. Lack of function is frustrating, but a drab color scheme or using textures and materials that you can’t stand to look at will make the kitchen unwelcome. You should feel good in your kitchen, and that means you have to think about colors, textures, and materials that you love.

Add color

White is still the dominant color in the kitchen, but we are seeing a trend towards incorporating more bold, rich colors into the modern kitchen design. Color can break up the white and create a wow-factor. Colorful kitchen cabinets or an island is a great way to breathe a bit of life and drama into all the functional design elements. Using darker and deeper colors can add a sense of luxury and sophistication.

Clean lines

To make room for the drama created by color, simplify the rest of your design with clean lines. Avoid too much adornment on cabinet doors or kitchen counters. You don’t want to overpower your kitchen with too many dramatic elements. With a modern and clean design, you will also give your kitchen the appearance of being more open and airy, creating a pleasing flow and atmosphere.Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops

Countertops are your chance to blend functionality and fashion. Quartz countertops are naturally beautiful, come in a variety of colors and textures, and can add some layers to your kitchen design. Not only is quartz a beautiful and elegant material, but it is sturdy and easy to maintain, giving it function as well as aesthetic benefits.
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